A lucky day on the Hammersteins Höhe

Yesterday was my lucky day. I was once again on my favorite mountain Hammersteinshöhe, DM / NS-163.
That was my 82nd time out of 94 activities here. No wonder that Bill, G4WSB once jokingly asked me whether I would like to build a hut there. (Well, the hut is there, of course not built by me.)
Surprisingly, Paul DL6FBK had announced himself, but it wasn’t clear.

After an SMS sked with Lars, I dared to go on the 40m band for the first time in cw, but didn’t send a spot. Suddenly, a surprising number of known calls, including an S2S with Marcel, DM3FAM. In retrospect, I know that I triggered the automatic cw spot algorithm.

To my great joy, Paul stood in front of me and was able to take over from me.
We only knew each other from qso and got along well straight away.
A good day!

73 Chris


Hi Chris,

I was surprised to find you on 40M CW ! I think my first NS-163 on CW …

73 Andrew G4AFI


Yes, our first contact on cw, after felt like thousand on ssb. Tnx for that.
73 Chris


Hello Chris.

Thanks for the s2s cw QSO. You had a good time up there. I first noticed your “automatic spot” in the SOTA-BW group and called in :slightly_smiling_face:. Nice that it worked out. See you next time.

73 Marcel DM3FAM


See you - maybe tomorrow. Perhaps Paul and I will go to DM/NS-107 or -121.

73 Chris


Hi Chris and Paul

Congrats on this “Summit on Summit” meeting!

Nice to have collected one of your QSOs yesterday on Gäbris, HB/AR-003.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Yes, nice to speak with you today on dm/ns-121, Markus.
73 Chris


Hi Chris

Great to chase you on dm/ns-121 today, lucky for me to have a office day and play radio lol


Craig 2e0vrx

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