A bit of philosophy regarding OK SOTA

Not to put too fine a point on it,

but that’s completely understandable:

The complaints that I remember came from members of adjacent Associations, but I have no intention of saying more.

Is there a way to boost the harvesting of points? Yes, of course, go to the Eagle Mountains (Orlicke hory) in the Czech Republic! The presence or absence of self-control is the most determinative factor leading to the harvest of points and no hole or weakness in the rules.

Don’t overthink the questions. Take it easy. Be prepared to grab the points and run.

What’s next?

A physical effort to reach the summit remains almost the same. How to get as many points as possible on the OK SOTA trip?

If points are still a priority to you, choose to ride a car because it is much faster than public transport and you can get even closer to the action. Less density of summits? Be a car tourist. Enjoy smart navigation, drive even faster and as close as it gets.

More fuel consumed. You need to be careful when driving on the roads…
The latter from below is the only practical impact for those who are not too interested in points…

Sorry for my pessimistic interpretation.

CUL, 73 Karel

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You’ve made more posts in the last week or so than you’ve done activations in the last few years.


I’m sorry, what’s the point here? (genuine question)


No joke, I try to adopt P150.

Only a bit of philosophy.

“When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.”

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The great philosopher Immanuel Kantona?


Philosophy (from [Greek]: φιλοσοφία, philosophia , ‘love of wisdom’)[1][2][3] is the study of general and fundamental questions about existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language.[4][5] Such questions are often posed as problems[6][7] to be studied or resolved.

I spent some time studying philosophy but in the end concluded that by its very nature it never made any progress. It was just playing word games. It wasn’t time wasted, though, as it gave me a grounding in symbolic logic!

Or you can start from here:


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I am not sure how far is it to drive from one side of OK land to the other in a car.
Drawing a straight line on Google Earth the highest summit in vk5 is 1,250 km away from my home. If a OK activator chose to drive that far to a summit he would be somewhere near Athens in Greece. Thank your lucky stars you have had it good for so long with non compliant summits.


I started with Socrates as interpreted by Plato, went through the English Empiricists, tried a dash of Russel, diverted into aesthetics and ended up in a state of aporia. Thats enough of a journey for one lifetime!

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Learning never ends. There is no “one true knowledge”.

Yes, I know - but it was even better. Very nice call (suffix)!


Indeed learning never ends, but thinking about thinking is a loop!

I agree.

But when utilized properly, philosophy can provide us with huge benefits.

Utilizing it properly starts with rigorous intellectual honesty which, sad to say, few seem capable of. Most descend into self-serving sophistry, and the end product of that can be things like taking advantage of a deficient summit list when even the most cursory reading of the rules will reveal those deficiencies. Not to harp on it, but it is a fresh example. It is far easier to learn to read a Smith Chart or a Hertzprung-Russel Diagram than it is to forgo an illicit advantage. Philosophers are few, honest philosophers are fewer still, because it is all too easy to get by in the world with woolly thinking.

Now I understand your view.

In other totally unrelated news:

Manchester United have formally requested to play all future fixtures on a small junior age sized pitch. The Premier League has rejected this as it is against the rules, and all the other teams have expressed that they would like Manchester United to play on the same size pitches as them.

Club spokesperson Eric Cantona said it was due to the team’s footballing philosophy. And something about seagulls.


And now let us make Brian’s loop: go to the start of the thread again.

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Due to geomorphology in OK there is no sea coast and so there are no lighthouses. This vastly impedes the hams of OK in that they have to travel vast distances if they wish to take part in lighthouse activations. As such from next month street lamps will be considered valid for lighthouse activations in OK. Obviously allowing any street lamp would be silly, the street lamp needs to be on a street corner.

Philosophically we should carefully define street lamp and street corner in case someone wants to claim their head-torch is a street lamp and the field they are standing is in fact a street corner.

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