A bit of philosophy regarding OK SOTA


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Coming back to SOTA OK - during coming weekend I intend to activate a few of new registered summits in OK / MO.
Stay tuned :wink:

73, Jarek SP9MA / OK8MA


My own bit of philosophy:

A man walks into a café and asks the waiter for coffee without cream.
The waiter says ‘I’m sorry sir, we don’t have any cream, so I can’t give you coffee without cream’.
‘However, we do have some milk, so I can give you coffee without milk’.
73 Matt


…but you do know that the answer to everything is


73 Armin

I must confess that I do not really understand the trigger of this thread.
I don’t know the “OK” ratios either… but SOTA has developed and changed in many countries.

SOTA is what you make of it.

I enjoy it when I hike for hours - or when I go up the mountain with my wife and mother-in-law in the cable car, …and after coffee I say goodbye for half an hour to call cq SOTA on the summit.

When I absolutely wanted to become a MG within a year, it was mainly the 10 point peaks that counted for me. I was rushing from one to the other. It was sport. Today I don’t care about the points - I find it much more exciting to discover new things!
But, everybody does it his own way, whether he takes a small HT with him to do a few FM stations … or carries 20 kg of material up the summit … as long as it makes you happy and doesn’t bother anybody else!

73 Armin


It’s my fault. I was the trigger.

In online discussions it is sometimes impossible to place boundaries on things that are hard to describe and on what should and should not be included in.

Sorry for my attempt on offering “a bit of philosophy”.


Internet discussions have a mind of their own. You start by discussing the colours of a rainbow and before long the discussion is about the price of fish (or worse).

Even knowing this I still forget my training.

And that’s all from me in this thread.