A 6th SOTA Mountain Goat for the herd of Bruno, HB9CBR

Dear all

Bruno, HB9CBR, is regularly increasing his goat herd. Yesterday, March 3, 2023, a 6th goat has jumped in during an activation on Mt. Chasseral, HB/BE-104.

Bruno is your guy on any band - as long as you operate CW. He regularly works his way through all shortwave bands, so you have a good chance to work his summits on at least one band. This provides him long stays on the summits and a nice tan - provided there was sunshine. But he takes also best possible profit from unpleasant situations, see e.g. here on Mt. Spitzhorli some weeks ago.

This dedication is naturally reflected in large numbers on his account:

60,000 QSOs take their time, 750 uniques also, and Bruno had already been congratulated for 1,000 activations. About 10 years of participation need also tolerance from his personal environment, and that cannot be taken for granted as we know that from other examples.

Once on the rig and the key, Bruno keeps the stream going and would not rush away after 4 contacts without a severe reason and leave his clients disappointed. So look at these numbers:

And you may have noticed above that the number of activations per year is quite high. There was a noticeable rise up from one year to another and this shows how (hi) and also when Bruno had been retired. And he does most of his adventures by using public transportation. Would that be possible in your country?

Congrats! These are the best prerequisites for further success and tons of new good moments. Bruno, may you meet them all and keep your joy – for you, yours and us!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Picture: Bruno on a joint activation on the Gurten hill nearby Berne some years ago where I met the spirit of this exceptional guy for the first time.


Bruno @HB9CBR. Congratulations on the 6th mountain goat :mountain_snow: :goat: :beers: You have earned it. Thanks also for the one and other QSO between us and also the other contact we had so far. Have fun, success and health with your further activations.

Marcel DM3FAM

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Hello Bruno

Congratulations and thank you for the many S2S

73 Armin

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Many congratulations on the 6th MG Bruno. It is always a pleasure to work you as you are usually an excellent signal with your 5 watts. Hopefully work you again soon.

73, Gerald

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Ciao Bruno. Congratulations! :goat: :goat: :goat: :goat: :goat: :goat:
73 Fabio

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First of all, congratulations Bruno @HB9CBR on your 6th mountain goat! :+1:

This is actually a very interesting aspect. Bruno is famous for operating CW only, but if we look at his stats, we notice something remarkable:

Clearly, someone or something must have coerced Bruno into tasting the forbidden fruit of phone operation. Let’s have a look at those 4 rare QSOs:

As these are all S2S contacts, and since Bruno does not even own a 2m HT as far as I’m aware of, likely someone has handed him a mic/HT and told him to complete the S2S for some reason. I think I was guilty of such behavior on HB/AI-002. Also, I may have desecrated his KX2 by running 10 W when he kindly let me use his rig and antenna during another joint activation. My sincere apologies, Bruno! :see_no_evil:

I‘m looking forward to our next S2S or joint activation! Keep the mountain goats coming :smile:

73 de Manuel KH6/HB9DQM


Congratulations! :beers:

I will always remember the S2S contacts we made while I was in Iceland. I hope to QSO with you again some day.


-Josh WU7H

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Lol Manuel!

I had witnessed #4, the other 2 m QSO, this was on the mentioned Gurten hill. I had Christian HB9GIN on 2 m FM for an S2S talk, and he insisted on talking to Bruno. So I went down to Bruno’s place and started convincing him to leave his cosy place (see above hi) for an important 2 m QSO. It must have taken some time but Christian had to wait only 11 minutes for Bruno’s call.

I had urged Bruno several times since then to finally learn how to use the built-in microphone of his KX2 – but no success so far. I will keep this in mind for later opportunities.

73, Markus


Dear Bruno,

the warmest congratulations on your 6th goat. If your spot doesn’t show up at some point during my activations, then I’m worried about you, hi.

It is very gratifying that you often start with the 60m band. Then I usually have a good chance of reaching you before the pileup. I’m really happy every time you return my call, so I often make mistakes when answering.

I’m already looking forward to our next S2S.

73 Chris

Hello Bruno

Congratulations on your achievement. It is always a pleasure to work you s2s or from home.


Chapeau bas Bruno :exclamation: :champagne:
Thank you for many many QSOs :wink:

73, Jarek

Congratulations Bruno. I am always so pleased when you call me for an S2S. Recently I have done a little bit of chasing from home and when I have called you, you have replied with my name. You are such a fantastic operator.

73 Richard


Dear Bruno,

congrats, very impressive! Looking forward to our next QSO/S2S.

all best and many more great activations,

Peter, HB9TVK

Hi Bruno,

Congratulations on the 6th mountain goat!!!
Hope to contact you in many more activations!

73 Moises

Congrats on achieving your 6th Mountain Goat Bruno :tada: :partying_face: :champagne: :balloon:
Thanks for the QSOs we had and looking forward to many more!
Keep up the good work, CW forever!

73, Roman

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Dear Markus, dear fellow activators and chasers

Thank you for the kind words. I am happy to be a part of this great SOTA family, now in my 10th year… To be able to participate, explore new summits, be in the fresh air day after day - it is just wonderful and i am very grateful for this.
SOTA really is like a big family for me.

I stick to CW because i just love it, it is music for my ears. Maybe someday i will try other modes, for the time being i am too happy to use CW.
Thanks to all chasers - i do some chasing myself and it is good to know both sides of this art!

73 and hope to see all of you again and again on the waves…
Bruno HB9CBR


Many congrats Bruno, hope to contact you for a long time again

Congratulations Bruno

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :clap:

73’ Alain

Hi Bruno, congratulations on MG #6 and thanks for the many contacts when you have been on summits and also recently it was good to hear you as a chaser when I’ve been activating. I look forward to many more of both.

73 Victor GI4ONL

Congratulations Bruno @HB9CBR what a great achievement!

73, GW4BML. Ben