9M2 Land Welcomes You 🫵

Dear Amateur Radio Operators Worldwide,

We are thrilled to invite each and every one of you to experience the exhilarating adventure of Summits On The Air (SOTA) in West Malaysia. Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, West Malaysia offers a diverse range of summits for you to conquer while indulging in your passion for amateur radio.

SOTA provides a unique platform that combines the joy of outdoor exploration with the thrill of ham radio communication. It allows radio enthusiasts like you to scale majestic peaks, set up your stations, and establish connections with fellow operators from around the globe. West Malaysia, with its stunning mountains and lush greenery, presents an ideal setting for this extraordinary experience.

Here are a few reasons why you should join us in West Malaysia for an unforgettable SOTA adventure:

  1. Majestic Summits: West Malaysia boasts an array of majestic summits that are waiting to be conquered. There are 373 peaks in 9M2 land that offer breathtaking views and a thrilling sense of accomplishment when you reach their summits.

  2. Rich Biodiversity: As you embark on your SOTA expedition in West Malaysia, you will find yourself immersed in a world of unparalleled biodiversity. The rainforests and mountain ecosystems are home to a remarkable variety of flora and fauna, providing a unique backdrop for your radio adventures. Keep an eye out for exotic wildlife, including vibrant birds and elusive mammals.

  3. Warm Hospitality: Malaysians are known for their warm hospitality and friendly nature. As you explore the SOTA opportunities in West Malaysia, you will encounter a local community of amateur radio operators who are passionate and eager to connect with operators from around the world. Expect a warm welcome and the opportunity to forge lasting friendships.

  4. Cultural Diversity: Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures, with a rich heritage influenced by Malay, Chinese, Indian, and indigenous traditions. When you take part in SOTA activities here, you not only get to enjoy the natural beauty but also immerse yourself in a tapestry of diverse cultures, languages, and cuisines.

  5. Adventure Beyond Radio: SOTA in West Malaysia opens the door to a world of adventure beyond radio. After a rewarding day on the summit, you can explore other attractions such as pristine beaches, vibrant cities, historical sites, and delicious local cuisine. There’s something for everyone, whether you seek relaxation or further excitement.

West Malaysia is blessed with a tropical climate and is home to vast rainforests that contribute to its unique weather patterns. The region experiences high levels of rainfall throughout the year, lush greenery, and a diverse range of flora and fauna.

  1. Tropical Climate: West Malaysia enjoys a tropical climate characterized by high temperatures and humidity. The average temperature hovers around 27 to 32 degrees Celsius (80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the year. The region experiences relatively consistent temperatures, with minor variations due to elevation.

  2. Monsoon Seasons: West Malaysia has two distinct monsoon seasons, the Southwest Monsoon (May to September) and the Northeast Monsoon (November to March). During the Southwest Monsoon, the western coast, including popula destinations like Penang and Langkawi, experiences heavier rainfall. The Northeast Monsoon brings rainfall to the eastern coast, including Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu

  3. Rainfall: The abundant rainfall is a defining characteristic of West Malaysia. The region receives an average annual rainfall of approximately 2,500 to 3,000 millimeters (98 to 118 inches), with some areas experiencing even higher precipitation. The rainforest ecosystem thrives due to this consistent water supply, resulting in a lush and vibrant environment.

  4. Rainforest Ecosystem: West Malaysia is home to one of the oldest rainforests in the world, known as the Taman Negara National Park. This pristine rainforest ecosystem covers vast areas and supports a remarkable diversity of plant and animal species. The rainforest provides a habitat for iconic species such as orangutans, tigers, elephants, and a myriad of tropical birds.

  5. Biodiversity: The rainforests of West Malaysia boast an incredible biodiversity. They are teeming with various plant species, including towering trees, exotic orchids, and carnivorous pitcher plants. The dense canopy creates a unique microclimate, supporting a range of wildlife. From colorful butterflies to elusive mammals, such as gibbons and hornbills, the rainforest is a treasure trove of natural wonders.

  6. Ecological Importance: The rainforests in West Malaysia play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance. They act as carbon sinks, absorbing greenhouse gases and contributing to climate regulation. The dense vegetation helps prevent soil erosion and supports water catchment areas, ensuring a steady water supply for rivers and streams.

When planning your SOTA adventure in West Malaysia, it’s essential to consider the weather conditions. The rainy seasons may bring occasional thunderstorms and heavy downpours, which can affect visibility and accessibility to some summits. It is advisable to monitor weather forecasts and plan your expeditions accordingly, prioritizing safety and preparedness.

Exploring the rainforests of West Malaysia during SOTA activities offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in nature’s wonders. From the soothing sound of rainfall to the vibrant greenery and diverse wildlife, the rainforest showcases the beauty and resilience of our planet’s ecosystems.

Remember to respect the environment and adhere to guidelines for responsible outdoor activities. Take precautions against insects, wear appropriate clothing, and stay hydrated while enjoying the breathtaking rainforest landscapes.

Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting weather and rainforests of West Malaysia as you embark on your SOTA journey, where nature’s magnificence and amateur radio adventures intertwine.

To participate in SOTA in West Malaysia, you will need to plan your trip in advance. Research the available summits, their accessibility, and the required permits. Ensure you have the necessary equipment and antennas suitable for portable operations. Familiarize yourself with the local regulations and guidelines to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

We encourage you to reach out to local amateur radio clubs and organizations in Malaysia for assistance and guidance. They can provide valuable insights, share their experiences, and even accompany you on your SOTA adventures, making your journey even more memorable.

So, pack your radio gear, prepare for an extraordinary experience, and join us in West Malaysia for an unforgettable SOTA adventure. Scale the summits, explore the enchanting landscapes, and connect with fellow radio enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

Experience the thrill of SOTA in West Malaysia, where nature’s beauty and amateur radio unite in perfect harmony.

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Yours sincerely,



Hello Piju.
Thanks for the info on West Malaysia SOTA, I hope to chase operators in your region activating summits. I think 9M2 land will be good skip distances on 15m 17m much like lots of JA ops I chase on their summits in Japan.
Welcome to SOTA it’s a great activity.
Ian vk5cz …


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Hi Piju, sounds great, hope to visit you some day in the future. On my bucket list.

Geoff vk3sq

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Hi Piju,

The region sounds and looks amazing.
Your invitation goes beyond SOTA activities as it’s a great tourism post.
+1 for the bucket list of destinations.


Col - VK3GTV

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Thanks for the detailed info Piju!

Unfortunatly 9M2 is no CEPT country so most radio amateurs will need to get a guest licence. How is this working? Is there a website with information? Any fees and restrictions? How much lead time to get it?

Thanks for the info
73 Joe


Excellent question, Joe,

For further details regarding the licensing process for amateur radio stations in 9M2, I highly recommend visiting the following website: https://www.mcmc.gov.my/skmmgovmy/media/General/pdf2/Guidelines-for-Amateur-Radio-Service-in-Malaysia-3rd-Edition.pdf

I also covered this topic extensively in the 9M2 Association Reference Manual.

I am familiar with the CEPT agreement, and I personally faced challenges when acquiring the PA/9M2PJU callsign in 2017. Luckily, a fellow enthusiast provided valuable assistance.

If you need guidance, it is advisable to reach out to our local national club for obtaining a temporary callsign.

Best regards,


Looking at the regulator’s website and the current (2022) document here: https://www.mcmc.gov.my/skmmgovmy/media/General/pdf2/Amateur-Radio-Service-in-Malaysia-3rd-Edition_v1.pdf

It states that an application needs to be made in advance and if Malaysia has a reciprocal arrangement with the country you have your licence in a temporary permit will normally be issued of the equivalent class as the home licence - the following are the permitted countries that have a reciprocal arrangement in place:

Appendix 3: List of countries having reciprocal arrangements with Malaysia
Cambodia (Kingdom of)
Myanmar (Union of)
China (People’s Republic of)
New Zealand
Czech Republic
Pakistan (Islamic Republic of)
Germany (Federal Republic of)
India (Republic of)
Slovak Republic
Indonesia (Republic of)
Sri Lanka (Democratic Socialist Republic of)
Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Switzerland (Confederation of)
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Vietnam (Socialist Republic of)

73 Ed.


If you plan to visit 9M2 for SOTA (Summits on the Air) activities, I suggest applying for a temporary callsign by emailing scird@mcmc.gov.my and cc’ing secretary@marts.org.my. This ensures compliance with regulations and obtains the necessary authorization for your SOTA operations in 9M2.

While Malaysia doesn’t have a CEPT agreement, there are operators from the Netherlands, the United States (who reside and work here), as well as Russia and Poland (who enjoy operating on Islands On The Air) in Malaysia. They explore various islands in Malaysia and contribute their knowledge and enthusiasm to the local community.

Additionally, there is a Japanese amateur radio club located in Kuala Lumpur, which is not widely known.

The presence of operators from different countries brings diversity and international connections to Malaysia’s amateur radio scene, fostering cultural exchange and collaboration among enthusiasts. It presents an excellent opportunity for enthusiasts to engage with one another and learn from different perspectives.

Official 9M2 SOTA Telegram group link https://t.me/+CHWLLn9p7dswOTY1
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Hi Piju & ALL.

I have climbed and activated SOTA on Low’s Peak(4095.2m), the summit of Mt.Kinabalu = SOTA:9M6/KB-001 with Ito(JA7ENA), Ted(JL1SDA) and Tak(7M4QZE) on 03.Jun.2023.

The list I prepared:
AAP-F07 =https://www.mcmc.gov.my/skmmgovmy/media/General/pdf/Form-AMATEUR-SERVICE_v2018_ISO.pdf
2 recommendation sign of MARTS member.
Certification of Commissioner of Oath
The english proof of my JA license.
The recommendation letter from local member of IARU (for me = JARL).
Copy of passport.
Application Fee RM60 = about $15.00.
the perseverance to definitely get the license of 9M6, hi hi :laughing:.

It was very difficult to get the license. We got our license 6 hours before leaving Japan.
But it was a great experience. I would like to do SOTA in Malaysia again in the near future.

Happy holidays & 73,


No worries at all! Any individual who holds a valid 9M callsign is eligible to sign the recommendation forms for submission to MCMC.

Currently, there is only one summit in 9M6, while there are 373 summits in 9M2. This provides a great opportunity for SOTA enthusiasts to explore and engage with the diverse range of summits available in 9M2. Feel free to plan your next visit and enjoy the SOTA experiences in this region.

Don’t forget to visit the Japan Amateur Radio Club in Kuala Lumpur during your time in Malaysia.


We are activating Gunung Brinchang and Bukit Habu from 6 Jan to 7 Jan.

Please chase and spot us.

I will be updating our operating frequencies on sotawatch.


9M2/PH-016 and 9M2/PH-005 activation is done. Thanks to all chasers. Logs uploaded to SOTA data.

Cameron Highlands is one of the tourist spots in 9M2. Met few European hikers. Should be on your bucket list too.

See you next 9M2 SOTA activations!


Thanks for the info. Piju!

Spent some time in the rain forest about 50 miles north of the Cameron Highlands, in the late 1960’s.
Positively gorgeous place. Memories: rain every afternoon,100-foot giant bamboo, hearing tiger that was not in a zoo; niiiiice kitty! All this well before SOTA.

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I recommend revisiting the area. Prior to reaching Gunung Brinchang, you will come across the enchanting Mossy Forest. Additionally, the Cameron Highlands boast several noteworthy SOTA summits.


Bukit Dinding 9M2/KL-002 Activation

Bukit Dinding is a notable hill located within the city limits of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Here are some key details about it:

Height and Location: Standing at 291m, just under 1000 feet, Bukit Dinding is one of the highest hills within the city limits of the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. It is located in the north east of the city in the area of Taman Setiawangsa, not far from Klang Gates Quartz Ridge and Zoo Negara.

Accessibility and Activities: The hill is easily accessible for Kuala Lumpur residents and is a popular hiking and cycling spot. A concrete and tarmac road reaches all the way to the summit where two Telecom Negara facilities are located. There are also a few jungle trails available.

Environment: The hill once formed part of a rubber plantation, and rubber trees are still abundant and appear to be tapped. The forest consists of both Primary and Secondary vegetation. However, being close to two busy highways, the air is not particularly fresh and traffic fumes can be smelled

Views: There are a few lookout points that offer good views towards Klang Gates (Bukit Tabur) and beyond as far as Genting Highlands. However, most views are obscured by trees

Facilities: At the foot of the trail, there is a stall selling coconut drinks for hikers


Hi Piju

That’s good information. Can you add it as an article to the summit page?

Thanks and 73,

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Thanks for your report; great group photo. :+1:

Geoff vk3sq

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Yes, sure. I got it.

Indeed, from this location, you can see the stunning skyline of Kuala Lumpur. It’s a sight worth seeing, so you should definitely consider visiting.

By the way, I’d like to share some information about the Worked All Malaysia Award. If this award piques your interest, I encourage you to visit the official website for more details. The website can be found at WAMA | MARTS

The Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters’ Society (MARTS) offers the Worked All Malaysian Award (WAMA) to radio amateurs and SWLs who have successfully made contact and confirmed the following:

  • Ten stations from Peninsular Malaysia
  • One station from Sabah
  • One station from Sarawak

The award and its endorsements are granted based on the following criteria:

  • Bands: All contacts must be made within the same amateur band.
  • Modes: All contacts must be made in the same mode, which can be CW, AM SSB, FM, SSTV, Digital, ATV, or FAX.
  • Satellites: All contacts must be made through an Amateur Satellite.
  • QRP: All contacts must be made through transmitters with an output of 5 watts or less.

Please note that all contacts must have been made after August 31st, 1957.