7th annual free Sota lunch

The seventh annual free Sota lunch will be held at the San Ramon Marriott, 2600 Bishop Road, San Ramon, CA, at 12:15 pm, Saturday, October 20, 2018, during Pacificon. As before, we will be at a table for 24 in the Bishop Grill, which is the only restaurant in the hotel. You must be a registered Sota participant to attend the lunch, but you do not have to pay for Pacificon if you are not attending any forum presentations. The host is K6EL. As always, we expect an Elecraft founder to join us with news and discounts.

So far, we also expect KE6MT, AK6Q, K6EL, WA9STI and W6JP. Who else?

Elliott, K6EL
Sota MT


I’m hoping to be there!

K6el - Is there room for me at the SOTA lunch on Saturday? Joe AA0BV

I will be there!

Pics please! One of these days I will make it out there…

Pics you want, pics we got… 28 Sota folks attended the lunch, including both founders of Elecraft with their show and tell, a new band switching base-loaded telescoping vertical for pedestrian mobile and Sota.

Elliott, K6EL



…-…N6NKT and AA6XA

…-…K6ST and WR5J

…-…L to R: KH2TJ, AA0BV, K7SO and W1EJ

…-…KD7WPJ and KM6SJT, our new YL climber

…-…WA9STI and NK6A


Good Show.
Just applauding your SOTA Ops, I won’t be able to make it.
Paul w0rw

thanks for the pictures!

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I did attend
73 wa6kyr