Ready to get back at it

It has now been over a year since I fell and broke my shoulder while hiking out from an activation at Point Reyes, as discussed in a previous thread (thanks to all for the encouraging words back then!). I have been back to work since early March and have been building my strength and flexibility back up. My confidence has also returned to a level where I’m ready to get back out and start hiking up some hills again. So far, I have done only one activation this year: an easy drive-up (Big Hill, W6/NS-290) while driving home from a vacation at Lake Tahoe.

The caveat to my getting out and doing some real activations is that the XYL is adamant that I not go out into the wilderness alone any more (for understandable reasons–I was lucky that there were other people nearby when I hurt myself). Life is much easier if she is happy.

I am posting this to put out a request that anyone thinking of operating in W6-Land keep me in mind if they are looking for a second to activate with them. With my current work and family schedule, I am available mostly on Mondays and alternate Saturdays, although weekends may up for negotiations with the XYL.

Feel free to message me here or email me at

On a vaguely related note, I’m looking forward to Pacificon in San Ramon, California, next month. I hope the W6 SOTA group will be having their lunchtime get-together again.


73, Steve W6SAE


Hi Steve

Good to read your are returning to SOTA and portable ops.

Good luck with your future activations.


Andrew VK1AD

Thanks, Andrew! It’s nice to hear from you again. I hope all is well.

Glad to hear you’re ready to come out again.

K6EL announced the lunch here and on the nasota mailing list: 7th annual free Sota lunch Hope to see you there!

Thanks! I hope to make it.