60m contact with GB

During my last activation I had numerous qso at 60m.

So far, however, none with Great Britain, since other frequencies are released there. In a list I found the following recommendation for British amateurs.
I understand that contacts in usb on 5354kHz and 5363kHz are legal. So I should prefer to call there?
73 Chris

Yes, those frequencies will work. I had a contact with you on 5.363 on 9-11-2018, you are always a good signal here and I am always happy to work you on a frequency that is allowed for me.


With pleasure Brian. Then in the future I will only call on this two frequencies.

73 Chris

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Hallo Chris das 60m Band ist nicht schlecht, werde demnächst auch QRV sein…


Die IARU R1 hat folgenden Bandplan erstellt:

5351.5 – 5354.0 kHz: CW, Schmalband-Sendearten
5354.0 – 5366.0 kHz: alle Sendearten *
5366.0 – 5366.5 kHz: Schmalband-Sendearten für schwächste Signale

*) In SSB soll im oberen Seitenband (USB) gearbeitet werden! Die höchste einstellbare VFO-Frequenz bei SSB-Betrieb ist somit 5363.0 kHz USB!

markus in3adf

Es ist bedauerlich, dass die britischen Behörden das gesamte WRC15-Band in Großbritannien noch nicht verfügbar gemacht haben. Wir müssen mit dem, was wir haben, das Beste tun, was wir können. Ich befürchte, dass wir, wenn wir uns zu sehr bemühen, die WRC15-Band zu bekommen, unsere anderen Bandprivilegien auf 60 m verlieren könnten, die recht großzügig sind und es uns ermöglichen, die USA-Kanäle abzudecken.

Bitte entschuldigen Sie eventuelle Mängel bei der Google-Übersetzung!

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Brian, the google translator works perfectly. “Your” German is error-free.

Your honesty is a good opportunity to come out. I formulated all of my contributions here in German and then had them translated.

Anyone who knows my videos will have noticed that, hi.

73 Chris

Markus, ich freue mich schon auf unseren S2S auf 60m. Ich drücke die Daumen, dass ihr nicht zu lange darauf warten müsst.

73 Chris

Markus, I’m already looking forward to our S2S at 60m. I keep my fingers crossed that you don’t have to wait too long for it.

Hi Chris,

And I thought Brian spoke/wrote German very well. I hear he is good with French and Celtic.

I have copied a Swiss station on 60 m several times and regularly hear US stations and Pacific stations on that band.

Our VK advocate for 60 m is more interested in getting access to 70 MHz in spite of being told it isn’t going to happen by the authorities. I expect to die before 60 m is approved for VK. ZL have in on trial.


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I’m sorry to say that I am actually very bad at languages. My French is very bad, my German is rudimentary and my Spanish almost non-existant, though the most important need is met - I can order a beer in all three languages! I just feel that it is good manners to reply to a post in the same language, it takes little effort to use Google translate.

70 MHz is useful but nowhere near as useful as 60m. A few years ago an Australian local broadcast station operated temporarily just below the 60m band, it was easily copied here and in fact was quite enjoyable to listen to. The DX capability of 60m makes it quite interesting but its NVIS capability makes it an ideal band for SOTA. Right now there is a German QSO on 5363 which is at good strength here while the beacon stations are also strong showing good NVIS though there is only CW activity locally at present.


There is a good short duration grey line path to ZL from UK on the 60m band in winter. QSOs completed from G4OBK with ZL3CW in March 2018 on CW (07:04z) and in November 2018 (07:22z) using FT8. Both contacts without a linear amp using a compromise multiband OCF antenna cut for 80 metres at 15m AGL. Power limit for UK stations is 200 watts EIRP at the feedpoint to the aerial.

The message from Ron explains why I haven’t worked any VK stations.

I’ve been DXing on 60m since we got the NoV licences and to date 132 countries have been worked. Taking up using the FT8 and FT4 modes have helped terrificaly. Non believers in the MGM modes please take note!

73 Phil

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I got Google to translate it back into English and it reads well {except ‘band’ goes to ‘tape’ not ‘band’}. Although, whether it’s what Brian originally wrote in English is another matter. They reckon in another 10 years or so, Google will translate spoken languages in real time obviating the need to learn some languages at all. A pity, as I think we lose something culturally.

Google get some idioms wrong, e.g. “drücke die Daumen” to “press the thumb” where as you, Christoph, got the English equivalent perfectly (“cross my fingers”)

All I can say is working DX with phone gives me a lot of satisfaction. I hope that working DX with the computer gives the computer equal satisfaction! :wink:

Try deeple.com. :+1:
Only drawback that they, too, don’t know the difference between “die Band” :guitar: and “das Band” :zap:


Hi all
60m is a very nice band and since 13 feb 2020 :

73 Éric

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I think your comments express your thoughts regarding FT8 Brian, but it is never to late to reconsider! Many critcisers of the mode in the early days, saying MGM will damage the hobby, have come around and I see their callsigns on the data segments now day in and day out. Nothing wrong with having another string to your bow, so to speak is there?

I am an all modes all SOTA Completer man myself! No bias shown whatsoever although I have yet to try some of the esoteric machine modes, moonbounce, microwaves and SSTV!

73 Phil

Well done Eric - a great achievement since you got the permission to use 60m in February, and countries such as FG, FR and other French dependencies abroad have boosted my DXCC score considerably since 13 Feb 2020. I have heard you on the band as I listen a lot and view a filtered DX Cluster feed and never call CQ.

It is just a pity 60m doesn’t count as part of the DXCC Challenge, but until all countries have permission to use it that will never happen.

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In the early 1980’s my wife and I were in a rural town in the New Territories in Hong Kong near the Mainland border. No one there spoke any useful amount of English. My Chinese was barely 10 words, all badly pronounced. I ordered lunch at a nice looking eatery, two lamb chops. one for each of us,with rice and veggies. In short time the meal appeared, one chop, two plates, two sets of cutlery, rice and veggies. I could feed myself with chopsticks but dividing the chop would have defeated me. Luckily they saw I was not a local and provided the knifes and forks. I’ve had a few language embarrassments over the years but it’s best I draw a veil over them. Never had a problem ordering a beer anywhere.

Yes 5 MHz would be ideal now if we were able to activate. 80 m gets used to fill the skip zone not being filled by 40 m but the little extra range with 5 MHz would be really useful.


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Despite my little quip I have nothing against FT8 or indeed any other data mode. I like to hear of the achievements of others with such modes but that does not as yet inspire me to follow suite. I tried PSK for a while, ISTR I completed a chase with it once, and I worked digital SSTV for a long time, that mode I might yet return to. SSTV for me was in nets, showing and talking about pictures mainly on 2m, so for me it was an adjunct of phone.

I’m sure that one day, as SOTA spreads, you will achieve DXCC with chases, that will be a day worth celebrating, whether phone, CW or MGM!

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Very true Brian - and as time goes on there may be a possibility it can be done - SOTA DXCC - what a prize, get your name in lights! It will be worth me taking stock to determine my numbers, something I hadn’t thought of doing but your comment is prompting me to do now with time on my hands for all manner of things due to CV-19 isolation. Its quite easy to do having a computer logbook going back to pre-2002 SOTA start time. I may be wrong but I don;t think I have yet worked a Japanese summit, or very much in the South & North Americas combined, apart from USA and Canada.

Thanks for the idea!

73 Phil