3D printed CW paddle - more for training at home

Hello everyone,

I have built already a while a ago a 3D printed Palm paddle clone that works quite fine but for training at home I stumbled over this very nice design by Jose EA7HVO.
Some things were not to my liking to I made some modifications and redesigned parts of the case.

Currently I am stuck at home. Looking outside and perfect wx is a bit sad. So I decided to make a little video about this construction.
And to demonstrate it with the morserino-32 CW trainer. I am having a hard time learning and it takes me a lot of effort but let’s see if I manage :crossed_fingers: . Making stuff is a lot easier :sweat_smile:

It is too heavy for bringing to activations but impressive what 3D printing can do.


Instructions and files for 3D printing:

Twin paddle CW KEY by EA7HVO - Thingiverse

My modified case (remix from above):
CW Paddle modified base (remix from EA7HVO) by OE5JFE - Thingiverse

73 Joe


Joe I have the opposite problem. Morse is easy for me - making anything to do with
radio is much harder!!!


PS The paddle looks brilliant. Send me one and I’ll test it for you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hi David,

So everyone has unique skills. My usual FM chasers are already worried but I think there will be no competition soon.

Thanks for the offer. I brought it to gathering recently and got positive feedback.
It feels good enough for me.

73 Joe