30m CW / FT8 DX S2S event - Good Friday 19th April 2019

In this weekend’s highly successful DX S2S event, as one would expect, most of the traffic took place on 7MHz and 14MHz, and the SSB and CW modes. What was also apparent though, was the significantly increasing usage of 10MHz, and FT8 operating.

These are still a tiny minority compared to the “usual” bands and modes of course - but the interest in them is clearly growing apace. This is understandable with the current propagation conditions.

So I am thinking of a DX / S2S event focused on 30m, FT8 & CW, for the morning of Easter Good Friday, 19th April, 2019. Who would be interested?

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Great Phil - will you be activating?

I’ve just posted my alert.

No Tom, had enough of activating yesterday in Mid Wales. I tend to stay home on Good Friday. I will be in the North Yorkshire Command Centre trying my best to work you using any mode possible!

73 Phil

I’m interested in some 10MHz FT8 but I’m too busy towards the end of the month to make this date. I’d definitely join in & activate on a future one though.

So far we have indications for two VK stations and two G stations that they will give this a try. Hopefully many more will join too, especially from BV and JA.

Don’t forget to post your alerts!

I’m in as M0HZH/P, 5W and 1/4GP on FT8.

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I was thinking of an Activation but I won’t be doing FT8 that’s for sure, as its not a mode I am into. But if I go out I will do some 30 meter CW. Only alert at this stage I see is for you Tom, M1EYP on G/SP-015 The Cloud. I’ll have a look on 30 CW which was good for inter VK and ZL contacts last weekend. But I’ll be working other bands too probably 20 LP for Europe LP,. CW and SSB.

Not sure which Summit yet will sort that out closer to the time.


John VK6NU


3 alerts posted now and EOI from a further 3.

10MHz is definitely “where it’s at” for greyline propagation in the EU mornings, so hopefully we’ll have plenty more activators getting involved.

Hi John,

Will you have a 40m antenna with you?

73 Mike


Hi Mike

Can try 40 meters but reckon 20 be a better band for VK6. 30 meters might be good for inter VK stuff but not sure about UK and Europe. Will give 30 CW a go but band conditions vary quite a bit between the VK6 and other VK Call areas. Difference in distance is like between Moscow and London from one side of the country to the other and we are pretty much 50 kms from the west coast on most of the local summits.

Haven’t decided where I’m going yet, will wait till the weekend and decide then after a look at the WX forecast. Its a toss up new summit for the year or a drive up or my closest local summit. Its good Friday so may be other stuff happening family wise.

Should be out somewhere, suppose next decision is which antenna to bring.


John VK6NU


I could join this event if the weather is not too bad.
I’ll put the alert later.
Hope we could have a good DX propagation.

73 de BX2AI


Great news, I hope you can join us.

And thanks to 2E0YYY for supporting the event by adding some 40m SSB. This will be useful as there are no phone modes here on 30 of course.


I’m in for 40m SSB and other bands.

73 Andrew VK1AD

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FT8 Chaser

I will around to chase on 10mhz FT8 & maybe other bands.
I have over the last couple of weeks been chasing a couple of FT8 Activators & failed. It would be a great help if I knew what their TX was. Tom always puts his on his alert which gives a start point to monitor from.


A very good point Don.

A basic spot might just say “10.132 data”…

…so in the comments line, something like:

“FT8 1288Hz TX even” is advisable.

At this stage looks like I may be a non starter. We have 20 mm rain, storms and hail forecast. Sounds like a UK weather forecast. Here we are still thinking we are in summer, was 33 C last week .

Might take a run out the radio club and do some chasing if my activation doesn’t happen.

But not looking good at the moment.


John VK6NU

A reminder for this event tomorrow morning UTC. Alerts now in double figures, which is pleasing. The focus is 30m band and FT8 / CW modes, but there will be stations participating on other bands and phone modes too, so hopefully something for everyone.

Good luck everyone, and fingers crossed for good propagation.

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I worked DK9JC/P on DM/RP-171 today who was testing out his gear.



I posted everything in Trans-Atlantic S2S Event - 20th April 2019 hope one can move my post to this thread… Thank you Don, @GW0PLP btw. :slight_smile: