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30m CW / FT8 DX S2S event - Good Friday 19th April 2019


And we’re off. Set and QRV on an absolutely gorgeous morning on The Cloud G/SP-015. QRZ…


Not a bad start. The customary SWL of 2E0YYY/P on G/SP-004, five on 30m CW, then another five on 30m FT8 - including S2S with YO6PIB/P on YO/EC-367 and a successful FT8 QSO with Ron VK3AFW.

I could hear VK3ARH/P on 30m CW but not well enough to work - hopefully later. I’ll stay on summit for a while yet, it’s a lovely morning.


Same with VK3BYD/P on VK3/VE-178, but the other way round. Think I was too weak with him.

First DX S2S in the log though - a nice easy contact with VK1DA/P on VK2/ST-053. Then a QSO with Ian VK5CZ.

See what the next hour brings.


Hi Tom

I’m having loads on fun on 40m. Worked Mike and Herbert. Sunset just now here is a live photo.

IC-703 10 watts and a ZS6BKW antenna

Full report to follow. Thanks for organising the Easter S2S.

73 Andrew VK1AD


I’ve added a second DX S2S now with VK1CT on VK1/AC-042 and now working down many stations clg me on 10.136+1.356 FT8.


Unfortunately there are other stations on top of you also on even. I’m decoding you only half of the time :frowning: Maybe it will be better to move from the middle of the crowd.

73, YO8SEP


Sun has set, last light with Mt Stromlo optical and lazer ranging telescopes in the foreground.


Hello Tom nice to make a QSO with you on 30m. Rig ft817 5 watts and my end fed random wire 51 foot long and a 12 foot ground radial tuned with the MT1 LC tuner. I was able to work all the vk activators with strong signals on 30m and 40m as well. I was hearing you very clear this end so glad you heard me as well. I was going to go out and activate but the land owner did not answer his phone so i had no permission for access.
Ian vk5cz .


Try again now?


Chaser Report FT8

Up early this morning and straight onto 10mhz. My machine would not TX on FT8. One hour later I found the fault. I put out a CQ OC on FT8 & NH6Y BL10 Hawaii came back to me which was a nice surprise. I saw a few VK, ZL, but no Sota FT8 Activators. Later I switched to 14mhz FT8 & worked YO6PIB/P. I also worked OE9HRV/P & M0NOM/P 0n 40 & 80mtr SSB.



Great stuff Don. Hawaii - VFB!

Still going strong on FT8 here. Lots and of callers but no DX or S2S atm.

I will try some 2m FM shortly, and another session on 30m CW.


Been watching your pile up, Saw a 5T5PA a min ago CQ Zone 35 10mhz


A great session on 30m this afternoon.
I could hear the EU’s albeit a bit weak for some, so often squashed by more local stations.
But it was very good to get the 2 DL’s in the log.



Wasted around 30 minutes with computer problems. Have to restart the PC every time I unplug the 3,5mm audio cable. Think I will use a USB soundcard again next time to avoid problems with the internal soundcard.

Could only either send or receive on FT8 and changed then from 30m FT8 to 20m SSB. When I started the whole band was empty and I did not expect too much.

Then KL7WG in Anchorage came back to my CQ. I was running 20W then.

At home I found out, that NH6Y in Hawaii heard me on 30m FT8 too. That is interesting, as I put out only a single CQ with only 5W.


M1EYP please call CQ agn I saw you from home now.


Ok will do


Wow, thank you


Awesome afternoon on 80 and 40m, today propagation and band conditions from Mt Stromlo VK1/AC-043 were the best in the past 2 years.

Five SSB S2S: Gerard VK2IO/P at VK2/NM-2213 on 80m 3.625 MHz, then on 40m 7.180 MHz Herbert OE9HRV at OE/VB-494, Mike 2E0YYY at G/SP-004, Glenn VK3YY at VK3/VC-002 and Allen VK3ARH at VK3/VC-018.

The 40m DX window was open at 0600 UTC and closed around 0645 UTC. My only EU chaser was F5USK.

7 chasers on 80m, 26 chasers on 40m and 6 chasers on 2m 146.5 FM. Locations worked: VK1, VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5, VK7, ZL1, ZL2, ZL5, F5, OE and G

A big thanks to Tom M1EYP for organising the Easter DX S2S QSO Party. Let’s do it again next year!

73, Andrew VK1AD


Tom, what battery are you using? With the 891 I can only do 1h of FT8 with my LiFePo4 4200 mAh. Next time I use the 817 for FT8 to operate some hours as you do.


Hi everybody,
I participated without prior alert, glad to have worked 4 s2s with 10 watts and a vertical wire: VK3BYD/P, M0NOM/P, 2E0YYY/P, OK/SQ9MDF/P.
Did not hear much of VK, despite my good QTH on top of the tower.
I hope to be one of the two DLs Warren has in his log.
Lets do this over and over again until Ionosphere learns how to behave…
Chris DL4FO