2019-03-09 Winter whiteout on Großer Höllkogel OE/OO-022

Hello everyone,

Went today for an activation because of even worse wx forecast for tomorrow on a snow shoe hike to Großer Höllkogel. The highest summit on the Höllengebirge plateau between lake Traunsee and lake Attersee in Upper Austria.

Feuerkogel cable car base station:

Weather still okay…

Interesting was to see the strong contrast with no snow in the valley an ~1m on the plateau

Started with okay’ish weather but half an hour before reaching the summit wind picked up and made it a bit more challenging. My frozen beard is becoming a trademark I guess :wink:
Forecast was up to 65 km/h wind speed :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:
With that conditions the handheld for 2m FM was the only vial option. Sorry for no chance for chaser on other bands.

But see for yourself:

Thanks to the reflector members:

As you see I was not alone. Just before the summit 2 other touring skiers went down. On the way back I met two others.

The cable car ride down was fun with a place in the front row. You can see it in the video at 8xtimes the speed.

Sotamaps track uploaded: Tracks - view, create or upload tracks or routes to SOTA summits - sotamaps.org

73 de Joe


That could have been a comfortable summit activation if you’d taken a small spade/shovel and dug yourself a snowhole. :grinning:

And diging the hole would have warmed me up too. Will plan for the next time :blush: