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20 x shack-sloth

Since I first chased Andy @MM0FMF from GM/SS-049 on May 12th 2012 from my QTH in Aranjuez Madrid at that time, without myself even knowing anything nor having ever heard about SOTA, I’ve had lots of great moments of good fun and I’ve been very pleased with this great section of our hobby and the extremely nice group of hobby mates found around SOTA up to last Sept 28th 2018, when I chased Csaba @YO6PIB (activating YO/EC-081) from my rental apartment in Pamplona, letting me pass the 20,000 chaser points milestone.
This has come after almost 6,5 years in which I have chased 4,644 activators.
Thank you all for so much fun and I’m looking forward to 20,000 more to come, no matter how long it will take me to get there.



Congratulations! Glad to add to a small number of your chaser points. Dean ~ K2JB

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Wow. Good going and perseverance. Mucho Bueno!

This is the key.
One SOTA chase a day,
keeps happy a ham, hooray! :slight_smile:




Well done Guru, nice to have you many times in my log.

Hope we can work again soon, John VK6NU

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