17/12/21, DL/PA9CW/p SOTA Tour DM/NW.

Friday 17-December I leave for Germany for a few days SOTA. I will stay near Lennestadt. It’s just a rough planning. So I will see if it’s possible to activate more summits a day. All depends on weather, traffic/road and chasers.
Friday 17 Dec :
:heavy_check_mark:DM/NW-134 1points
:heavy_check_mark:DM/NW-003 4points (also DLFF-0112)
Saturday 18 Dec:
:heavy_check_mark:DM/NW-231 6points
:heavy_check_mark:DM/NW-205 6points
:heavy_check_mark:DM/NW-184 6points
:heavy_check_mark:DM/HE-075 4points
Sunday 19 Dec:
:heavy_check_mark:DM/NW-196 6points
:heavy_check_mark:DM/NW-207 6points
:heavy_check_mark:DM/NW-225 4points
Monday 20 Dec:
:heavy_check_mark:DM/NW-204 6points
:heavy_check_mark:DM/NW-219 4points
:heavy_check_mark:DM/NW-223 4points
:heavy_check_mark:DM/NW-230 4points
Tuesday 21 Dec:
:heavy_check_mark:DM/HE-025 6points
:heavy_check_mark:DM/HE-135 4points
:heavy_check_mark:DM/HE-548 2points
:x:DM/HE-509 2points

Rig : KX3 - CW - QRP - EFHW 40/30/20 meters.

Hope to work you from one or more summits.
73/44 - Tonnie - PA9CW


Hey Tonnie

I have never been to this area. But it is on my bucket list. :wink:
It’s always interesting to see which summits you can combine. I would be very happy about a report afterwards.
The weather is getting better (according to the weather forecast). I plan to make a few bonus points in the Vosges and would be happy about S2S with you… too bad you don’t do 60m (because of the distance)

73 Armin



Yes, the weather looks better next weekend. Cold, but it will be dry and sunny. So that’s okay with me.
Sure I will look out for any S2S. The antenna I’m using is a home-made EFHW 40/30/20. But with the KX3 tuner it will be possible to come out on 60 meter. So maybe we will have a try for S2S on 60 meter when we `re both on the top of the summit.

Good luck, 73 - Tonnie - PA9CW


Hi Tonnie,
I hope you will have better WX for your DM/NW tour than me for 2 weeks ago when I went in DM/BW. enjoy your activation. BTW, did you have some advice about your EFHW 40/30/20 antenna ? How to build it ?
Thanks a lot in advance.
Laurent de F8CZI

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Hi Tonnie,
I wish you every success with this program and, above all, the best weather for the activity. I hope to meet you. I have already activated most of the summits and hope to complet one or the other with you. Because of the distance, the best frequency will be 5MHZ. Best 73 ’

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Hi Tonie,

I just noticed that NW-75 Wurzelbrink is no longer valid. But NW-075 is not in the Sauerland either and is much further north…
Good luck while activating so much summits and less rain too!
73 Lutz

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Sorry nut it’s not DM/NW-075 but DM/HE-075. Type mismatched. :sunglasses:
I just corrected it.


I build this antenna. EFHW – PeanutPower It’s build with SOTABEAMS traps.
Sometimes I use a HyEndFed 40/20/10. But with the EFHW 40/30/20 you don’t have to change the antenna. I love it, because it’s easy setup and has 3 bands. With the 30 meter band, my favorite band.
With the KX3 tuner it’s also usable on 60 meters.

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I will try some 60 meters. So let’s hope we work.

Not sure about the “44” Tonnie the F&F crowd seem to create more QRM! Joking apart, I always look forward to your tours and of course, watching the video afterwards. I am around for most of the days on your tour as we are minding two more dogs in our home while the family are in Wales, so I hope to be calling you on most summits! Here’s hoping it all goes to plan for you OM, what a great lead up to Xmas…

73 Phil G4OBK



Thanks for the reply. It’s always easy to pick out your call in a pile-up.
Making the video after the activation reminds me of the beautiful time in the mountains and of course all contacts.

I only do one FLora and Fauna in DL. Because the Sota is in that park. So that way I have double fun…. :joy: My main interest is SOTA.

Cu 73 - Tonnie - PA9CW


Thank you for the info. Might try the antenna…
Enjoy your stay in DL!

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Hi Tonnie,

Thinks for the link, I will have a look on it and may be built it for comparison with the antenna I use since about 3 years :

I had discovered this antenna by an join activation with Matt, OE6FEG when I stayed in Austria for the job. It is effective more simple to mount it than a dipole (thanks Matt).
Enjoy your trip.

Laurent de F8CZI


I have also built this 40/30/20 EFHW using traps and a wideband transformer. Some of the section lengths need adjusting though, as I originally tuned it up too close to my house.
73 Matt


Today was a foggy day with about 5 degrees. First I activated DM/NW-134 and made 30 QSO’S. I had a huge pile-up. I will edit it in my video afterwards when I will be back home.
After that I activated DM/NW-003 (DLFF-0112) and I made 45 QSO’s in 1 hour. And made 5 QSO”s on 60 meter.

Thanks all chasers. Cu tomorrow. I wil try to activate 4 summits.

73 - PA9CW - Tonnie


Today was again a foggy day with a temp about 3 degrees.
At the first summit I had again a huge pile-up. Just like yesterday.
In total I made 112 QSO’s on the four summits. A lot. In the past years I had some activations with a lot less QSO’s. Maybe the lockdown gave more QSO’s. :joy:
At the third summit, with a windmill, I had a vy noisy QRM. And a constant puls at every second. Maybe the powerlines in the ground. So I tried hard to get the 27 QSO’S in the log.
This third summit, DM/NW-184, is a drive-up.

Tomorow I will activate only 3 summits.

Thanks all chasers. CU tomorrow.

73 - PA9CW - Tonnie


Hi Tonnie,

Tnx S2S :wink:

73, Jarek OK8MA



Thanks for the S2S. Nice picture from your summit !

73 - Tonnie - PA9CW.

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I also hoped to work you when you announced your plans and I’m delighted for having chased you on 5 out of your 6 activated summits.
I’ll be looking for you again tomorrow and the following days except on Tuesday, when I’ll have some other commitments to attend.
Keep up the good work and I wish you very good luck.



Today, again a foggy and cold day.
The first summit, DM/NW-196, was a difficult one. It took me about one and a half hour to reach the top. The last half hour I had to get off the path. And through a forest, with many branches and tree trunks. Once at the top I made 33 QSO’s.
The second summit, DM/NW-207, is a tower. There I had a huge pile-up with 45 QSO’s.
At the last summit, DM/NW-225, it started to rain harder and harder. So after 16 QSOs and there were no more chasers, I quickly packed.

Thanks all chasers.

Tomorrow I will activate 4 summits.

73 - Tonnie - PA9CW