10m Pole on three more summits and nearly a problem

With good experience from the first use I took this antenna on more summits.

On Piz Nair, HB/GR-129, an easy to reach summit, someone put an empty concrete tube in the rock. So it was easy to setup the pole.

21 Contacts on 20 m, 3 S2S, 1 DX (WX1S) and 3 on 40 m in 1:22 h was fine.

On Aroser Weisshorn, HB/GR-144, also easy to reach, is enough soil to use tent pegs. It was easy to erect the pole.

1 lokal FM S2S on 2 m, 14 contacts on 20 m and 5 on 40 m in 47 minutes was fine again.

But on Munt Pers, HB/GR-049, are only rocks.

From Diavolezza are only 1 ½ km way and 200 m ascend. The summit is popular.

Stairway to heaven - the summit

I put the Pole between some stones and secured with two lines in direction the summit. The pole was only a meter or so away from the cliff.

During operation I saw the pole bowing to the summit. Dropping the mic I want to bring the pole back to vertical. Two friendly hikers gave me immediately a hand, holding the pole. I brought more stones to secure it. After this event there was no problem for further operation.

27 QSO on 20 m in 72 minutes, 2 S2S

Is there a way? A short ascend on the way back

Back to Diavolezza: a reward was welcome (Buendner Nusstorte - local nut cacke, sweet and rich in content)

Thanks to the chasers!

73, Ludwig


Well done Ludwig
A good operator always finds a way to be on the air, nice soil, rocks, even snow and ice.
Nice story with nice pics. Thanks for sharing.



Hello Ludwig

beautiful pictures - DANKE

I have now used this mast in almost 600 activities (not always only SOTA) and on actually all surfaces.
I am still enthusiastic.
The mast is not always available. - That’s why I bought a second one in stock, which I also have on vacation. Better safe than sorry.

73 Armin


Hello Armin,

That’s a large number! I used my two poles (one reduced to 7.5 m) also not only for SOTA, but I’m far away from this region.

So good luck for your further activities.

73, Ludwig

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