10m and 2m anyone? GM/ES-032 Mount Battock

Full Report further down this thread

I will be attempting Mount Battock GM/ES-032 this afternoon. ETA is 1500z. A different route, one from the Cairn o’ Mount road that I can cycle most of the way.

Anyway, there will be two un-tried aerials in the bag - a 10m vertical and a 2m slim-G. The vertical took an hour to make last night and has been very quickly tested for SWR and that’s about it.

I will attempt the activation on 2m FM and then 10m SSB if the band is open.

Looking forward to hearing a Chaser or two!


I have a Sirio 2016 vertical 10m antenna up at home, approximately 1100ft in Mid-Wales. I will watch your spots and have a listen if the band is open - fingers crossed. No chance on 2m unfortunately :roll_eyes: Good luck!

73, GW4BML. Ben

I thought skip distances on 10m during the day were 1500 - 2000 km. Won’t you be too close for GM ?

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Yes you are correct in what you are saying… but we all know radio does surprize on times. I’ve worked quite a few GM stations on 10m from my home QTH in the day, so we will see.

73, GW4BML. Ben

Is this an upper and outer? I started making one last night for 15m until rain stopped play.

That was my original plan and I may still do this. This one is a quarter wave with three radials at 45°, where the radials are also the guy ropes. It’s forecast to be breezy on top today. :see_no_evil:

I was hoping for at least PA, VK, ZL and VP8, but will happily take groundwave, LOS, or anyone else local!

I’ve tried many times to work locals from my home QTH (~30m ASL) via ground wave on most HF bands without luck. It seems the ground wave is attenuated quite quickly with any hills in the way.

On the other hand Colin @M1BUU on a G/NP summit was crashing through on 20m CW at my G/LD summit during a recent SOTA event. LoS makes all the difference.


Hi Fraser,
09:15 UTC the band is not open yet only few FT8 reports

but looking
73, Éric


Hi Éric, I find this dx-heat.com chart useful since you made many of us aware of it (via this reflector). But as you pointed out, it shows activity on the band so it’s only an indirect indicator of propagation conditions. So, for example, a band could be open even when there’s little or no activity shown on the chart. For that reason, I have the frequency on 20m, 15m 10m, etc of the coordinated beacons programmed into my rig for a quick check of conditions.


Yes Andy is an idea of what is going on but you can use it with RBNHole also :wink:

Hopefully at 1500z Éric. If not, we will have a QSO on 20m :grin:


The path might open up in intense Es conditions. Unlikely but worth a punt.


That’s wot my knees have on steep descents.

Probably my ground plane and FOUR elevated radials doing the work!

I’m not sure as to the reason, but I was chatting with Roy Lewallen W7EL about SOTA antennas, and apparently an even number of radials is better than an odd number.

I’ve always run four radials on my verticals, I find it easier to gauge 90° spacing rather than 120°! :smiley:

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Its all about technique! :grinning:

I made a four sided winder for the 10m antenna. It would have been too much for my small brain to make a five sided one!

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I don’t think 120deg - or for that matter, 90deg - is very critical. I copied the MM0FMF vertical with one radial which works very well, I tried it with two in an inverted T formation and got very little improvement, and with four got no additional benefit.

WWV uses 1/4wave GP for its standard time transmissions. They run kW and only use 9 radials on their antennas.

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You were on Ingleborough or Whernside I think and I was on Arnside Knott (LoS, ~28km away). I was trying to chase a US station on 20m [hoping to sneak in between QRO home chasers] and you chased him - you were 599+ with me. I can’t imagine any other propagation mode other than ground wave over that short distance.

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