10k Uniques - G4OBK

Congratulations Phil on reaching 10,000 unique summits worked yesterday - a fantastic achievement - 73 Bob G3VXJ


Phil, Congrats, and I hope I gave you a few of these uniques. Always nice to hear you on the bands. GL in moving even further up the leader board – #1 is within sight!
– Paul HB9DST

HI Bob and Paul

Thanks for alerting me about my 10000 uniques and your congratulations - I hadn’t noticed that! My main interest these days is SOTA Complete - trying to get to 1000 Complete before I’m too old to climb. Much easier chasing than activating. Yes, your right Paul - unable to quantify how many but you have given me lots, thank you very much. No problem maintaining the interest now I have improved my antennas - it took me 18 months after a house move to get things to where we are now. Planning issues and a successful appeal so I now have a mast with Hexbeam in the back garden which makes such a difference on 20m and up.

Czech Republic (OK8CDX) short 5 day tour planned with GI4ONL (OK8VM) next month from 14th September. Usual thing Easy Jet > Hire Car arrangement. This time we go south to the Sumava National Park which borders Germany and Austria.

73 Phil


Congratulations Phil.
73 Jan OK2PDT

Well done Phil!!
Congratulations for this achievement!
iw2obx Roberto

Congratulation Phil!

Hi Phil,

Congratulations on 10000 uniques chased.


Geoff GM4WHA

Congratulations Phil on chasing 10000 uniques.

Jimmy M0HGY

1000 x 10 = 10,000 :smirk:

Well done Phil, keep up the good work.

73 Victor GI4ONL / OK8VM

Well done Phil on the10,000 and thanks for the call today wx picked up 73s

Well done Phil a fair achievement.73 Don G0RQL.

Congratulations Phil on achieving yet another memorable milestone.

Nick G4OOE

Congratulations Phil. Great achievement.

73 Pete M0HQO

BRAVO Phil !
Nice pleasure to QSO you.
Remember one of my first activations, you recorded video:

73 QRO - Roger

Sorry for the typo, I have corrected it now.

Jimmy M0HGY

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That is truly amazing, congratulations Phil!

I was very happy to work you when I was activating VE3/SO-113 a couple of weeks ago as VA3RRK :slight_smile:

Hopefully one of these days I will also get you in the log from a summit here in Arizona!

73 de Keith KR7RK / VA3RRK

Congratulations Phil. My recent log entries confirm quality and importance of your Hexbeam and the rest of your new home setup.
Hope to contribute to your next 10000 uniques, Old Man. And some S2S points, too…
Zoran / E70AA

Congratulations Phil!!!
73 Sake PA0SKP

Well done Phil on the 10k uniiques :+1:


Congrats Phil. Time for a Belgian beer in Bierbeek!

73, Peter ON4UP

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