10k Uniques - G4OBK

Congrats Phil…looking forward here to some more uniques from you if the bands improve. It was very difficult on Pen y Fan GW/SW-001 today although quite a few nice s2s in the log from 40m and 20m and good old 2m was buzzing.

73 Allan

Phil congratulations for this achievement! Enjoy activations in OK-Eva, HB9FPM and Andy, HB9JOE.

Congratulations Phil
Well done!! Is a prize for your good operation skills

Congratulations Phil! That’s some achievement.

Many congrats Phil. A fantastic achievement and although we have talked a few times I don’t think I can have been any help at all. I see you are now well on the way to your goal of 1000 completes which certainly puts me in my place as I have my doubts that I shall reach 500 (or even 450) uniques let alone completes. I notice you have a new mast but it doesn’t look as if you are in need of a new pair of legs as well!
Viki M6BWA

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In March 2016 I was wrapping up an activation near LA and was on 17m using a Magnetic Loop and 10w SSB.

Phil came back to my call and needless to say I was thrilled with a W6-UK contact.


Chapeau bas Phil !!!
73 Jarek

Hello Phil,

Congratulations fo 10k Unique summits ! Very impressive!

I can also confirm the HexBeam is working very well. Audio evidence can be found in one of my recent activation videos (OE5JFE SOTA Höllengebirge 2018, OE5JFE SOTA am Großer Größtenberg from Steyrsteg

). :+1:

73 Joe

An amazing achievement Phil. That is a target I am not even contemplating :slight_smile:
Thanks for the contact on SW-003 yesterday; I think my aerial is broken :rage:

Get cracking Phil, still 281 summits to go before those first thousand are all in as “uniques” :slight_smile: :wink:

Great working you every time, we need another eye -2-eye meet mate. :smiley:
Cu or hear you one of these days.

congratz es 73
Frank ON6UU

Well Done Phil!

I looked in my log just now and I can see his call in all my activations from this summer. No wonder he got 10K. Thumbs up!

Regards, Jaan

Great and outstanding achievement, Phil.
Gratulations, all the best

73 / 55


Gratulations, all the best. Phil

markus IN3ADF

Many congratulations Phil on the 10k Uniques chased. I don’t know how you find the time to do what you do in SOTA, what with all the activations and time spent in the home shack. Maybe you can let me know the secret sometime. :wink:

73, Gerald G4OIG

Congratulations, Phil, for 10000 unique and wish you
Good luck for 1000 completes.
On this occasion also many thanks for many QSO.
Best 73 and good luck on all your ventures,

Congratulations Phil ! Always a pleasure to work your big signal - and pleased that you also respond on the higher bands such as 17m to 10 m - whenever they are open !!

Keep going and looking forward to many more contacts with you
73 s Bruno HB9CBR

Congratulations Phil!!!
Always nice to hear you.

73, Tonnie de PA9CW

Hello Phil, congratulations to the achievement of this landmark! You are for my SOTA - calls always a dependable and well audible echo in OE/DL/I etc. All the best and a lot of success also in the future.

73 Rudi OE7RDI

Congratulations, Phil, for such superb achievement.
You chased me on 80 different activations and I would be more than pleased to help you activate some of these summits for you to have the completes you still need to achieve your 1000 target.
You are welcome to EA2/NV at anytime, as well as to EA1/CR while I’m there on holidays.

You chased me on many if not all of these summits I activated in EA1/CR during my recent summer holidays. Some are drive-on summits and the rest are easy ones requiring simple hikes of less than 30 minutes. Should you feel interested in activating them, here they are in case you want to start making plans for next summer.



Hi Phil
Well done you, a superb score, well done you.