10K S2S Points & Thanks!

During the Covid pandemic looking for something to do, I studied for my Foundation license. One day whilst using my radio in the Peak District, I heard a strange conversation. It turned out to be someone activating Kinder Scout. I kept hearing the term SOTA being used… when I got home, I looked it up. Being a keen walker I was intrigued. The following weekend I trekked up Shining Tor, with a Boafeng. Despite the snow, I managed to activate the summit with six QSOs. Two and a half years later, at the Lake District meet this weekend, I hit a personal goal of 10,000 S2S points. I would just like to thank all the Activators that have helped me get there and all the other Chasers. Despite poor band conditions, on Sunday I was on G/LD-050. I managed to get 37 S2Ss. To be honest with my goal in sight, I was going to stay on the summit for as long as it was going to take!

On Gummers Howe G/LD-050 in sweltering heat!

Lots of people have supported me in this crazy goal, including my XYL Julie. Also thanks to Dave M0JKS, who has shared a few summits with me.


Congratulations Martin on achieving 10K summit to summit points.

Jimmy M0HGY


Very Well Done, Martin. Fantastic Score. Thanks for all the QSO’s. I look forward to hearing you again soon. Best Wishes for the future, Martin. 73 de Paul M0CQE.

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Hello Martin, I am happy to be part of your achievement,… Ec2ag Antonio


Well done Martin, great achievement. Glad to be part of your journey with a few s2s under our belt😁.

73 Allan GW4VPX

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Well done Martin I am made up for you. You deserve it mate.
Best 73


Congratulations! Should get the “numb bum” award for all that summit sitting! :rofl:


Congratulations Martin!
73 Fabio

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My best wishes for this challenge! S2S is also my favorite thing! Hope to S2S you again soon.
73 Chris

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Hi Martin,

Huge congrats :beers:
Today I heard your fight for S2S QSO with Marcin @SP9MPZ/P on SP/BZ-020 :wink:

73, Jarek

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Always great to work you!

Cheers Chris

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A S2S QSO is always something special for me… Especially if you have been on the summit that your QSO partner is activating. You can well imagine the situation of the other person.

I don’t reach many summits from home - I have made most of my chaser points as S2S.

73 Armin


Blimey, it only seems a few weeks ago when you overtook me in the S2S honour roll. Now you are something approaching 3K points ahead of me!

You may now slow down a bit…!


Congratulations Martin, thank you for all the QSOs and S2S we had together.

See you on the bands soon.

73 Marek

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I have to say as soon as I got near you and John, G4TQE I was inspired to put my foot to the metal! I have now got Dave M0JKS snapping at my heels for this year, so I can’t rest on my laurels :rofl:

I am also nearly at 100 activation for G/SP-004. So much to do, so little time!

73 Martin


I can empathise as I am currently closing in on 1700 activations of G/SP-015.

My G/SP-004 activation count currently stands at 130, so that’s probably another thing you’ll overtake me on sooner rather than later!


I suspect that is a record that will stand the test of time! Congratulations



Congratulations Martin. I’m glad to have been a very small part of that impressive total.

Your next target is to learn CW although that would mean I would never have the chance to be top of the table.

73 Richard


Please disregard this suggestion, otherwise I’ve got no chance!


Congratulations on the 10K S2S points! Dont stop now!

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