100 SOTA Complete for DJ2MX

Mario, DJ2MX ist mit über 9500 Jäger-QSOs nicht nur der aktivste Chaser in SOTA-DL. Als Aktivierer erreichte er vor kurzem über 1000 Punkte und wurde zum 16. Mountain Goat in SOTA-DL.

Mit einer Aktivierung der erst vor wenigen Tagen wieder in die Gipfel-Liste aufgenommenen Hochsalwand, DL/MF-072 konnte er auch als erster in SOTA-DL seinen 100. SOTA-Complete Gipfel notieren. Dabei nutzte er das Sonder-Call DL20SOTA/p. Zuvor hatte DK7MG als erster diesen Gipfel aktiviert.

Gratulation zu diesen tollen Leistungen und weiterhin viel Spaß beim Funk von und zu den Bergen!

Mario, DJ2MX is not only the most active chaser in SOTA-DL with over 9500 chaser QSOs. As an activator he recently reached over 1000 points and became the 16th Mountain Goat in SOTA-DL.
With an activation of Hochsalwand, DL/MF-072, which was re-added to the summit list only a few days ago, he was also the first in SOTA-DL to record his 100th SOTA-Complete summit, using the special call DL20SOTA/p. Previously, DK7MG had been the first to activate this summit.
Congratulations to these great achievements and continue to have fun communicating to and from the mountains!


Thank you for the flowers Martin!
It was a great SOTA and hiking day which I really enjoyed together with Andy DL2DVE.
After quick activation on DL/MF-072, Andy went to the neighbour summit DL/MF-118 Heidwand
to archieve his goal of activating all 71 DL/MF summits!
More pictures can be seen on: SOTLAS

73, Mario DJ2MX (9A4MX,NØMX,E73DX)


Congrats Mario, on reaching 100 Completes :partying_face: :balloon: :champagne: :tada: :beers:
It’s always a pleasure to QSO - unfortunately not this time as there were other commitments.
Seems you had lots of fun on your day trip :slight_smile:

73, Roman


Mario @DJ2MX. Also from me congratulations for this success which was connected with a nice activation :+1: :mountain: :tada: Thanks also for the QSO on this special day for you. All the best and see you soon.

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Congratulations Mario on 100 SOTA complete!
73 de Boris 9A2GA

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Dear Mario

Congratulations on your 100th complete.

For me, achieving completes is the ultimate goal in SOTA.

73 Armin


Mario, herzliche Glückwünsche auch von mir!
73 Chris