10 points taking all physical efforts

OE/ST-009, Gr. Knallstein, 2.599m above sealevel, was one of the “unexplored” higher summits in northwestern part of Styria until I decided to climb up there yesterday.
Almost 1500 hm, minimum 5 hours ascent and 3,5 hours decent may have been the reason, that nobody activated this summit before.
WX-outlook was encouraging although high temperatures were forecasted but no danger of thunderstorms.
Starting very early at 3:00 utc to avoid hot sunshine passing a few small lakes I reached the summit after 5,5 hours out of breath and power. But a grand view and 23 qsos on 40m were worth taking all my physical efforts to do this first-activation. Unfortunately I had to decide to go qrt without qsying to 20m, avoiding a situation out of power a second time this day.

My conclusio: in comparison with other SOTA-associations, in Austria it needs much more energy to get up to a “10 pointer-summit”


Great pictures, very well done, at least the batteries were exhausted before you!
Another successful first activation.
Kind regards

Hello David!

My battery was not exhausted at all. 23 qsos took 0,8 Ah out of my 2,5 Ah LiFePO4-battery box.
Running an IC703, 10W only.

73 es cu, Franz

Hi Franz,

Congrats on your successful trip and thanks for the nice report!

Let’s be thankful that we can undertake such outings up to the beautiful alpine world (geology, flora, fauna).

Don’t worry about all these easy 10-pointers and the scoring hunters - this is called SOTA too, simply seen from a different perspective.

73 gl, Heinz HB9BCB

well done franz, congrats on yet another first activation … btw. here is a picture from my 10-point-activation today. i only needed to climb about 600 altitude meters from planneralm to get to the summit Hochrettelstein OE/ST-057

Martin, tnx for your fine picture from todays activation.
Seems to be enough space for building up the antenna up there.

73, Franz

Terrific effort Franz and a worthwhile achievement. You must have been physically drained. Take pride in it! Well done!
John G4YSS

Gratuliere, Franz!

This is also my understanding of SOTA - hiking / climbing to the summit of a mountain and enjoying many QSOs from the top.

vy 73 de Robert, DL5RT

Remember “la tête de louis XVI” more than 1200 m up for 8 points !!! One activation count !!! Hiii :wink: But enjoy it ! :slight_smile:

Bye 73’s

Of couse, sota activity asks some efforts.
2 weeks ago I was on F/PO-172 1540m asl and 1400m ascent and 4 points. Not only high summits are hard to reach.
Best 73.
Andre f5ukl

Here is a photo next OE mountains Kosiak 2024m, which I visited yesterday with my sister. For more than 900m of ascent we needed a little less than three hours walk and really enjoyed the trip.
S2S with Martin OE5REO on 10m was a candy of the day. After eight years, this was the second activation of the OE / KT -93.

73 Marko

John, I drunk 5 liters of beverage during all the day increasing weight in my rucksack :wink:

great looking mountain to work from! 10 points well earned (both, plus the 8 too).
Well done guys