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Wrong prefix or not?


Today I kept S2S-qso from Jyranvuori OH/JS-066 with SF7MS/p at 08.08 UTC. He said his reference being SF/BR-038. But now, when I am checking this reference I do not find any “SF” and any SF7MS call. I think, I heard his call and reference correct, but am I stupid or is it any other solution?


There is no SF association listed. The only BR-038 summits are

W4V/BR-038 Peters Mountain
W7M/BR-038 “10382”

Could be a pirate or someone just out to cause trouble.


Poor handwriting? Exchange F with 5 and you end up with Marco S57MS/p on S5/BR-038.
Edit: Even more poor handwriting? Marco was spotted on S5/BR-028 not 038.

73 de Michael, DB7MM


Michael, you are genius – me an idiot! :grinning:

Problem is not in handwriting even inside my brains. I remember how he said “es five” and I wrote “SF”. Listening foreign languages has never been my core competence. Now this was one of those evidences. I checked Marco’s log from database but he has not yet filled it about today’s summit. Let’s wait couple of days so I can be sure. But I think the solution has been found! Vielen danken!

73, Saku OH2NOS


Case closed and the problem solved! Next time better! :grin:


Just looking at your log???

08:08 why you working your self (S2S)??? :open_mouth:
That was me you worked then :grinning:

08:08 M3FEH 14283 4/4 5/3

And certainly confirm that was S57MS/p a regular goat on the mountion tops



That’s not his log Karl!


I suggest you have a look at the SOTA callsigns checker on http://www.on6zq.be/w/index.php/SOTA.SOTAcheck

It gives you the following suggestions:



Thank you Chris! No worries Karl, you are in my log. Our watches are living a bit different time only.


thanks again folks :smile: