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Watson multi-ranger-9 moblie whip antenna


Hi all
Has any one used this antenna by Watson ??
Thinking about getting one £32.00 with VAT & Postage from W&S
Regards Nigel


In reply to 2E0NHM:

Hi Nigel

Looks very cheap at this price, - it’s in the
’Airband’ section on their website and doesn’t
show a power rating.
I wonder if it’s a receive only antenna, or
possibly suitable for QRP only. Anybody know?

Kind regards

Dave G0ELJ


In reply to G0ELJ:
There was a brief bit in the last RadCom news about this aerial.
I think it’s QRP.
If it’s anything like the Moonraker SPX I have as a backup hf /M, I’m not sure it would stand a great deal of abuse…

Graham G4FUJ


In reply to G4FUJ:
Hi Graham

Still, it might be interesting at that price for
occasional portable use.

I’ll have a look out for this one at the next rally
I get to.




In reply to G0ELJ:
Phone W & S today about the antenna and all they would say is that they rate it at 50w TX. That’s about all they would say.
They did say that if you wanted to use it on a Yaesu ft-817 you would need a ground plane as big as a car.


In reply to 2E0NHM:

Hi Nigel

Many thanks for the info. I can’t see any logic in
W & S’s comment on the ground plane except for the
obvious one that it was perhaps intended to be mounted
on a car, or do they think you would want to plug it
straight onto an FT-817!! I would have thought that it
could be pole mounted and used with wire ground planes
with no problem at all. Not sure about the base connector
whether it’s screw, BNC or whatever, but that would be
easily sorted. It’s sounding quite an attractive proposition
if it will handle up to 50 watts.

Kind regards

Dave G0ELJ