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VK JA ZL - EU UK S2S 20 Oct 2018


73 Chrs`




Ok bin in SV8 Lesvos.
Das müsste dann gehen.
Bin bereits seit 1 1/2 Std auf Achse. Nun in Vatoussa ca 20 km vor dem Summit am Zwischenstopp Kaffee.


Storms across VK1 and VK2.

If the storms abate I might change my summit to Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040.

73 Andrew VK1AD


Take care, Andrew!
Hope to hear you again.
73 Chris


Unless something drastic happens in the next 15mins I will be a cancellation. Bands of rapidly developing thunderstorms and decent dumps of rain.

Sorry all. Esp to the early rising Dx stations.



Hi folks

Sorry I’m out, cancelled. Storms are more intense and more frequent!

73 Andrew VK1AD


Game over for me, I found the last 2km of road close for manutencion… I will try as chaser!
My luck don’t run that way


I’m out too :frowning: Combination of 2 hours sleep and my back playing up. Hope everyone has a good time


Enjoyed it. No VK, but several S2S (difficult skip to Germany and Austria though)
Thanks all


I’m back home now (Pea Souper on the way there and still fog on the way back - lucky I know the route so well!) - I took part and managed four S2S contacts and two JOTA (scouts) contacts but was plagued with equipment problems and didn’t manage any contacts outside of Europe. I’ll be putting a full report on my blog at dd5lp.com in a couple of days.

How did everyone else fair??

73 Ed.

[Correction - one of my JOTA contacts (SU8JOTA) was with a station in Egypt - so that’s “outside of Europe” - I had thought SU was a special call in Poland or Greece - Wrong! it was the Scout Centre in Cairo, Egypt!]


Just checked my log and…
My first 100% chased region and 100% completed region - G/TW!

OK not exactly DX (TW-002 to TW-004) :smiley:


No DX, but a lot of S2S and a wonderful time on DM/NS-125. Tnx to all!
Site seeing Bueckeberg!


No DX here either, did not even hear any VK or ZL this time. I called 4X4FR on 17m in SSB to manage at least one QSO outside Europe. Results: 48 QSOs altogether of which 11 s2s. Mike, 2E0YYY, told me that he got one VK3 contact, wonder if that was a s2s. Propagation was not good today, I still think my 40m-endfed “inverted U” antenna, supported by a 12m and a 10m mast did well. Thanks to everybody for trying!
Chris, DL4FO


Hi everybody,
Conditions were not good to us either.
Peter OE5AUL worked JA8GAK on 20m in CW :smile: but no S2S from outside Europe :frowning: . There were many activators around who we didn’t hear but we still managed a number of S2S.
We called it a day after 3 hours…
Thank you to everybody who took part!

73, Sylvia OE5YYN & Peter OE5AUL


Try again

Well, what I expected to be a nice mild afternoon working some SOTA did not quite go to plan.

My chosen summit for the VK JA ZL EU day was Mt.William VK6/SW-042 as there is quite a bit of room on the summit and I wanted to try out my new 72 ft wire with 9:1 UNUN. This was to be my secondary antenna for the Activation as I was going to use my 20 meter half square as my main antenna in trying to get contacts into Europe. I have used it a few times in the past with pretty good results. Mt.William is a 300 klm round trip for me and it was easy going and I got there in about 90 mins. I had looked at the Weather Radar as I left home and there wasn’t anything showing just a hint of a possible shower. But the weather changed as I was getting closer to the summit with frequent showers and some quite heavy.

Before I left home I chucked in my 4 man Bothy Bag and boy was I glad I did as it saved my day. When I got to the summit I quickly got the 20 meter half square erected and got the station set up as the rain was coming in even as I set up. 22 C in Perth ended up being 14 C on the Summit. The second antenna plans got shelved.

Got setup and more or less the whole activation was done in the bothy bag, there was constant light rain and some wind. I nearly lost the bothy and the log a couple of times. First station in the log was a nice S2S with Warren ZL2AJ and then some of my regular VK3 stations 3PF, 3SQ, 3DET, 3SSB, 3AFW, followed by another S2S on CW this time with John ZL1BYZ followed by VK3ARH also on CW. Andrew VK2UH was my only VK2 in the log. I somehow managed to snare JP3DGT/3 on 18 MHz CW, with the 20 meter Half Square, The tuner wasn’t happy so I switched it off and managed to work him on CW for a nice JA S2S contact. I then went back to 20 metres CW and worked 3 more JA Chasers including JS1UEH/7 for another S2S. Only 13 stations worked with 4 S2S in the log 2 ZL and 2 JA. No Europe in the log today. I listened at various times but not even a hint of a Sota signal from Europe for me.

I peeked out the Bothy bag at about 07:45 UTC and saw some nasty looking weather coming in so it was a quick tear down and head for home.

Thanks to all for trying today, I didn’t see any other VK Spots so I guess their weather over east was even worse than mine.


John VK6NU


I am also back in Sailing ship.
1 1/2 for driving.
Wx was amazing …superb. First a bit windy, from 11 T-Shirt WX
Condx vy bad…
Soon report from SV/AG-007
Some of writers here i had s2s.
One 2m from summit to Athens - 266 km - must see. I am sure TA stations herd me but got no answer
30m 1x S2S, 20m 15 (8 S2S), 2m 1

I am sri for the VK weather.


Unfortunately no luck with DX, tried to receive any of the spotted ZL stations after I set up, without success.
Anyway, I had quite a few European S2S, it was a nice morning out, with great views. (Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau in the Swiss Alps in the backgound, approx. in the centre o the photo)

Let’s hope for better condx at the next event.

73 de Jens


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