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VK JA ZL - EU UK S2S 20 Oct 2018


If WX and Kindex is ok, I will be at a summit.
I have to get up around 0400 local time (0200UTC) , but it might be worth it.
I will opt for 30-20-40 CW, I will bandhop a lot, so pay attention to sotawatch :wink:
After 0700UTC I will work europe/locals, but DX is still very welcome.
KX2, linked dipol as inv V, feedpoint around 10m (33ft), 7Ah batt.
Hope to do a few S2S´s
73´s de Henning/LA3NGA


I would be also QRV from abt 7 UTC - on SV/AG-007
(also have to get up same time, have 2 hrs for driving and 1 hr for hiking/preparing)
Between LA and SV8 (Lesvos) in QRP - 20/30m would be ok.
Have the RS-918 (10 Watts) and the Fuchskreis Antenna 21m long for 40-10m usable.
2m I hope we are able to have again S2S from near Thessaloniki to Lesvos (370km) - we made 2 weeks ago such a first QSO within this distance.
Also hope for JP QSO again in QRP…VK is more far away - we will see. GL to all participants


Something of a cuss as rains and even thunderstorms will be about Sat coming all through the Central Tablelands/West.

Think it may be a somewhat subdued event at least in my part of the world.

73’s Wal VK2WP


Hi Jens - was that on 20m, 30m or 40m? In any case good news that things are improving. I think the MUF is not our friend at the moment The last report here at 0530 this morning for 3000km MUF from the UK out was not reaching 14MHz. That being said it’s been above 30m since midnight - so 30m could be a good choice for CW Ops on Saturday. So my “feelings” now are CW - first choice 30m, then 40m, then 20m. SSB - 40m then 20m.

We’ll have to see. - My target is to be operational by 0630 UTC with 20 watts of SSB from the X108G on 40 & 20m to a linked dipole and a loaded vertical (switchable by swapping coax cables). Since I twisted my ankle two days ago I have changed to an easier sumit with far less walking, so it may even be earlier when I get there.

Good luck everyone.



With reluctance have to cancel my activations for this event. Rain and thunderstorms predicted over the whole of the Central West this coming weekend and even Monday.
Quite a disappointment as had a lot planned but sitting in tent for three or more days in the rain is not something to look forward to.

Hope all goes well with others and that the band conditions are favourable.

73’s Wal, VK2WP


Hi Ed,
The contacts were both on 20m. I will be qrv with a GP for 20m and a dipole for 40m attached to a 8m fibreglass mast, and possibly with a 30m dipole attached to a 7m fishing rod. I’ll have my FT-891 with me and a LiFePo4 battery pack which gives me approx. 3-4 hours of operation with 100W.
73 Jens


I’m with you Wal, the forecast for Bowral is afternoon / evening thunderstorms. I’ve accomodation booked so I’ll be there regardless but I think I’ll cancel my activation plans unless there is some spectacular mis-prediction by the meteorologists!

All the best for the others activating though! 73’s


Despite VK getting rained on tye forecast is for sunshine here in ZL. Because our sunset is earlier I will be qrv earlier but ill hang around to catch the greyline. After the light fades (0630 ish) the conditions dive pretty quick. I hope to work some s2s. Virgin summit Maungatawhiri ZL1/WK-173.


I will leave my decision to cancel until the last minute. Last Tuesday was meant to be a stormy day in Canberra, however very little rain fell.

Here is the forecast for VK1. Storms in the afternoon and evening, up to 30 mm of rain. :frowning:

I will go to my planned summit and see what the weather has install for me.

73 Andrew VK1AD


It’s not looking too hopeful for Sydney or Canberra judging by the 0600z rain forecast below. The 0900z one shows rain intensifying even further. My alerted summit is in the 90%+ zone. Thought I could get away from it by going up to VK2/HU-093 but this update shows that summit will be rainy too. Will monitor closely and make the final decision closer to the time.
73, Gerard - VK2IO


Good luck to those whom are venturing out in N.S.W I hope all goes well.

Just heard a group talking on 2 Metres and a JOTA / camping event for the kids has been cancelled due to the expected rain.
An ad hoc JOTA is being arranged for the kids at a scout hall in town which shows the spirit and fexibility of amateur radio.

So we in SOTA are not the disappointed ones.

Again to those whom head out hope the propagation gods are with you.

73’s Wal VK2WP


20 to 40mm forecast for Nullo Mtn, I would need a boat !!

Cheers Gerard, Wal VK2WP


If I coud I woud give a bit from here - I feel the disapointment with you.


I will probably take the same approach. We are going to a local rural field day to see tractors, chook runs, snakes, farm equipment and tools etc. We plan to go in the morning. If it’s raining by lunch time we just might go into Canberra to the shops and the chances of an evening activation on a rainy hill with local thunderstorms will be approaching zero by then.

Might need to drop back a week. Trouble is, this weather is typical for the time of year.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH


Sorry to hear about the bad WX in VK but safety always takes precedence, Anyhow, radio isn’t too not much fun in the rain. Hopefully you guys who have cancelled, will maybe have a listen. I worked some nice DX this morning from G/SP-004, so the conditions are better. Thanks to those who called me and good luck to those taking part tomorrow.



Let’s hope the snakes don’t swim over and eat the Chooks!

Summertime ends hear on the 27/28th. so next Saturday 27/10 might be possible for me in addition to the action tomorrow however the propagation predictions are not so good for next week.

73 Ed.


A hovercraft might be better :wink:. Less than 2 inches is pretty shallow draft

Sorry to hear about the forecast in Australia. Heavy rain and treasured HF radios don’t make a good mix


Around 35 Stations have alerts set for 0600-0700 UTC.
I will be on DM/RP-411 “Hohe Derst” here in SW-Germany.
Depending on how early I am, I will decide if I try 40m first, but maybe I will start with 20m if MUF is high enough.
The voice keyer of my FT-891 is already set to “CQ VK, CQ ZL, CQ SOTA” and I hope we all have some fun later.


Alerts for tomorrow morning - (note these may include others who are not taking part, but in this time window it’s more likely than not that they are going out for this event):

Good luck everyone - 73 Ed.


Hi Guys,
I just geaven a quick sight to the forecast voacap from I/LO-291 Mt. Barro jn45qt to ZL VK JA,
the best probability will be long path 20mt to ZL and short path 17mt to JA.
Poor chance from short path in 40 and 20 in direction ZL VK.
I will work 20 and 17mt with kx3 10 or 5watt and endfeed.
See you tomorrow
GL & 73