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VK JA ZL - EU S2S 10 March 2018


We VK’s have the John Moyle Field Day coming up the following weekend on the 17th so perhaps some of the usual suspects are busy paying off the “significant other / familiy” taxes before a weekend in the field :stuck_out_tongue:

That said there is rarely an activation where I don’t work VK5PAS!


Hi All,
I’ll be in Sorrento, Italy on the day. I’ll setup as a Chaser, I could pick up some new Chaser Associations !!

We’ll probably go across to Capri later in the day and I will attempt to activate Mt Solaro I/CA-174. I’ll put up an alert. I assume that the UK/European Activators may hang round until later in the day.



Weather forecast for my chosen hills is looking pretty miserable :disappointed:
I’m researching alternatives


Roads round my chosen hill have been closed with snow, now they are closed by flooding, wx looks cold for sat. Hopefully make it to the summit


Looking pretty iffy over this way as well. Hopefully it gets better so we can get out…

Saturday 10 March
Min 18 C
Max 25 C
Partly cloudy.


Is that an example of irony Compton? :flushed: that’s the definition of a pretty good summer’s day here!


Andy beat me to it Compton - that sounds like a bloody nice day!!




That’s a summer day ?! Very iffy indeed… :wink:

Pedro, CT1DBS


Well no, summer has gone, that’s autumn.


33C forecast for VK6 so not too bad.

Looks like conditions were bad today, hope they improve over the next couple of days.

John VK6NU


I’m sure all of us in EU would like to send you our most sincere commiserations :wink:


The forecast for OE6 has been quite stable for a few days now. The major broadcasters are saying the temperature will climb into double figures at the weekend, so confidence is quite high. It’s just a question of windspeed at the moment; windspeed and flogging through +80cm snow! I got my new vertical from qrp guys today, but not much time left to put it all together. I’d like to go for tuned elevated radials if possible, it’s a question of finding time to get out and set them up; on top of sorting out some snow stakes.


Heavy snow forecast. I might swap to G/NP-015 (it has walls at the top hopefully :crossed_fingers:or they might just be fences :-1:) and if I can work up the enthusiasm go up the night before to camp.
Enthusiasm levels are a little low at present but I’m working on them.


Sorry, but I didn’t realize that Autumn starts March 1, in VK land, which is 20 days before the equinox.
Anyway, that’s a arbitrary boundary, not like the SOTA rule of proeminence. :wink:

Here, Spring will start March 21th, as (our) usual! :slight_smile:


73 de Pedro, CT1DBS


That would make more sense here too, actually.


My propagation system logged an opening from G3CWI => VK3 on 20m at 07:36 the other day.


Thank you for the explanation. I really don’t knew it.
Looking for Wx it seems that we should start our seasons in different dates as well.

Vy 73
Pedro, CT1DBS


Look at Tom’s website for some pics Andy. You will see a nice stone wall and fence posts adjacent to support the pole. More or less ideal I’d say, if the wind is blowing in the right direction … which of course is unlikely. :wink:

I still haven’t decided what I am doing myself - might break out the second call for its first outing on HF and take a trip up to Bardon Hill G/CE-004. If not, will be listening from home, specifically looking for VK/ZL/JA activators…Hoping for some decent propagation.

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK


Here’s the current list of activators including those who said either on the reflector or via social media that they may be taking part but have not, as yet, alerted on SOTAWatch:

Alerted? Call sign Cont. Summit UTC HF Mode HF band(s)
x ZS5APT + ZS5AYC AFR ZS/MP-004 06:30 SSB 40,30,20,17,15
x ZS6BV AFR ZS/LP-208 06:30 SSB+CW 40,20,15
x VK1MIC/P ANZ VK1/AC-040 06:30 SSB 40,20,2
x VK2WP ANZ VK2/CT-006 06:15 CW+SSB 40,30,20
x VK6NU/P ANZ VK6/SW-039 06:15 SSB+CW 20
x VK1AD/2 ANZ VK2/ST-053 06:30 SSB 80, 20,17,2
x VK1CT/P ANZ VK1/AC-034 06:30 SSB+CW 30,20,2
x VK1DA/2 ANZ VK2/ST-036 06:30 SSB+CW 30,20
x VK2GPL/P ANZ VK2/IL-005 06:30 SSB 40,30,20
x VK2IB/3 ANZ VK3/VE-024 06:30 SSB+CW 40,30,20
x VK2IO/P ANZ VK2/IL-017 06:30 SSB+CW 80,40,20,17
x VK3ARH ANZ VK3/VC-032 06:30 SSB+CW 40,20
x VK7JON ANZ VK7/NW-062 06:30 SSB 20
x ZL2AJ ANZ ZL1/WK-195 06:30 SSB 40,20,15
x ZL2ATH ANZ ZL1/WL-153 06:30 SSB 40,20,15,2
x ZL2KGF + ZL2EA + ZL4AV ANZ ZL1/TN002 06:30 SSB 40,20,15,2
x ZL3CC ANZ ZL3/CB-806 06:30 SSB+CW 40,30,20
x JP3DGT/3 ASIA JA/OS-012 06:30 CW 20,17
x JA4RQO/4 ASIA JA/SN-077 06:30 CW 20,17,15
x 9A6CW EUR 9A/DH-082 06:15 CW 40,30,20
x SV2OXS/P EUR SV/MC-077 06:25 SSB+CW 40,30,20,17,15
x CT1DBS/P EUR TBD 06:30 CW 40,30,20,17
x DD5LP/P EUR DL/AL-171 06:30 SSB 40,20,17,15
x DL4FO/P EUR DM/HE-003 06:30 CW 40,30,20
x DL4TO/P EUR DM/HE-017 06:30 SSB+CW 40,30,20,17
x EA2IF/P EUR TBD 06:30 SSB+CW 30,20
x HB9DQM/P EUR HB/AR-004 06:30 SSB+CW 30,20
x HB9EKO/P EUR HB/SG-046 06:30 SSB+CW 30,20
x LB4FH/P EUR LA/RL-092 06:30 SSB 20
x LM10SOTA/P EUR LA/TM-011 06:30 CW + SSB 40,30,20,15
x LZ1GJ/P EUR LZ/RO-144 06:30 SSB+CW 20
x OE5AUL/P + OE5YYN/P EUR OE/OO-330 06:30 SSB+CW 20,17
x OE5FDM/P EUR OE/OO-119 06:30 CW 40,20
x OE5JFE/P EUR OE/OO-075 06:30 SSB 40,20,2
x OE6FEG/P EUR OE/ST-248 06:30 CW 40,30,20
x OE9HRV/P EUR TBD 06:30 SSB 20
x RA9WJV/8 + RK8A + UB9WLJ/8 EUR R9U/SO-103 06:30 SSB+CW 20,17
x SV2HJW/P EUR SV/MC-077 06:30 SSB 40,20,2
x YO6PIB/P EUR YO/EC-426 06:30 SSB 20
x VE7KPM NA VE7/CV-024 06:30 SSB 40,20
x 2E0AXL UK G/CE-004 06:15 SSB 20
x 2E0HZI/P UK G/CE-001 06:30 SSB 40,20
x 2E0YYY/P + G7LAS/P UK G/CE-002 06:30 SSB 20,2
x 2M0KAU/P UK GM/ES-085 06:30 SSB 40,20
x G0WPO/P UK G/SP-005 06:30 SSB+CW 20
x G6PJZ/P UK G/NP-015 06:30 SSB 20
NO G8CXK (G4OIG) UK G/CE-004 06:30 TBD TBD
x M0IML/P + GW4VPX/P UK G/SE-015 06:30 SSB 40,20
x M0NOM/P UK G/LD-050 06:30 SSB 80,40,20
x M1EYP/P UK G/SP-015 06:30 SSB+CW 20,2
x 2E0EFP/P + 2E0HPI/P UK G/NP-005 07:00 SSB 40,20,2

FYI sort sequence is Region / Time / Call Sign.