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VK JA ZL - EU S2S 10 March 2018


In parrallel to Mike 2E0YYY’s activation this morning (documented here: G/SP-013 report...A dry run for Saturday ) I monitored wspr.net and the real time propagation world maps told me the following, which might be useful for Saturday.

40m no longpath, only short path 0700-0810 (and possibly later) between EU and NA (Atlantic path) and VK to NA (Pacific path).

30m from 0630 to 0800 and beyond - CW contacts possible between EU/UK and VK or EU/UK and NA or VK/ZL and NA - all around the world!

20m opened only at 0700 not the expected 0630 and there was long path to VK/ZL until 0745, then the band turned to short path into Africa up to 0830 when it closed for DX (Inter-EU still OK).

17m Longpath between EU and JA from 0700-0745. Short period of short path comms between 0745-0750 into South Africa.

15m nothing longpath but a short period of Short path comms from 0740-0745 between VK and JA.

Nothing to speak of on bands above 15m or below 40m.

73 Ed.


Thanks for lots of nice info @DD5LP

Here’s a map of the participating countries


LM10SOTA will most likely also be active from LA/TM-011, depending on WX conditions and snow depth.


No FT8 I see. Should I try 100W SSB ?



There’s always room for some fun for those who want: SOTA Bingo is a randomized sheet of people who have posted alerts (updated as of now).

Print yours today :wink:

Note: all prizes must be supplied by yourself, this is just for fun.


Thanks for the useful info re propagation Ed. If I make it up, I may well switch to 40m after about 0745 to see if any insomniacs are playing in NA!
Otherwise it’ll mainly be 20m SSB for the DX (anyone out of sight welcome) and 2m FM for the fellow loonies in NP (local S2S just as welcome as the DX).
The latest forecast has shown 20-28mph easterly wind, sub zero temp and (the good news) the snow being replaced by heavy rain. If my flight home tomorrow is delayed I won’t be able to make it up before dark and will wimp out. In which case I may drive out to chase on 2m.
Good luck all


Hi Razvan,
You’ll stand a lot better chance with 40 or 50 watts of SSB than 5 watts in the current conditions.



Thanks Kjetil, I’ll add LM10SOTA to the spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet (above) now updated with this and two more new activators - welcome to 9A6CW and 2E0AXL.


I will also do SSB if battery will allow me to in these cold conditions.


After several options considered, I think I’ve made my decision and instead of:

  • a 4 pointer drive-on summit not giving me any points because I activated it this year,
  • a 4 pointer drive-on which would give 4+3 points but has no cell phone signal
  • a 1 pointer drive-on summit which I already activated last year for this event

I’ll finally hike to Mt. Etxauri EA2/NV-070 (1138m a.s.l.), as it’s not too far from my QTH (about 25-30Km), it’s not a too long and difficult hike, it will give me 4+3 points and it has a great take-off in the form of a nearly vertical cliff of +300m towards the West, which I hope will give me very good chances for the Long Path to VK-ZL.

This is the track I’ll follow and there you can see the orography of the terrain.

All my fingers and toes are crossed hoping for no ice, no rain, no wind… and the propagation Gods in a good mood. Nothing else…:innocent:




Just made a change of Summit, now doing Mt Blue Rag VK3/VE-021 instead. It’s a nicer Summit to visit, but a little more driving on 4WD trails. All other details remain the same.

Fingers crossed for good weather and reasonable HF conditions :sunglasses:


Bernard, VK2IB


Have a nice trip, hope to meet you on the air :slight_smile:

Did you sacrifice a sacred SOTA goat to appease them?


Anticipated JA weather is recovering!
Here we go again!



Hi Toru, can we expect an alert for you in Sotawatch please. Also will you be running SSB? as at present the two alerted JA activators are CW only.

Thanks Ed.

Alerted? Call sign Cont. Summit UTC HF Mode Band(s)
x ZS5APT + ZS5AYC AFR ZS/MP-004 06:30 SSB 40,30,20,17,15
x ZS6BV AFR ZS/LP-208 06:30 SSB+CW 40,20,15
x VK1MIC/P ANZ VK1/AC-040 06:30 SSB 40,20,2
x VK2WP ANZ VK2/CT-006 06:15 CW+SSB 40,30,20
x VK6NU/P ANZ VK6/SW-039 06:15 SSB+CW 20
x VK1AD/2 ANZ VK2/ST-053 06:30 SSB 80, 20,17,2
x VK1CT/P ANZ VK1/AC-034 06:30 SSB+CW 30,20,2
x VK1DA/2 ANZ VK2/ST-036 06:30 SSB+CW 30,20
x VK2GPL/P ANZ VK2/IL-005 06:30 SSB 40,30,20
x VK2IB/3 ANZ VK3/VE-021 06:30 SSB+CW 40,30,20
x VK2IO/P ANZ VK2/IL-017 06:30 SSB+CW 80,40,20,17
x VK3ARH ANZ VK3/VC-032 06:30 SSB+CW 40,20
x VK7JON ANZ VK7/NW-062 06:30 SSB 20
x ZL2AJ ANZ ZL1/WK-195 06:30 SSB 40,20,15
x ZL2ATH ANZ ZL1/WL-153 06:30 SSB 40,20,15,2
x ZL2KGF + ZL2EA + ZL4AV ANZ ZL1/TN002 06:30 SSB 40,20,15,2
x ZL3CC ANZ ZL3/CB-806 06:30 SSB+CW 40,30,20
x JM3URG/3 ASIA JA/NR-026 06:00 SSB 20,70cm
x JS6TMW/6 ASIA JA/ON-048 06:15 CW 20,17,15,2,70cm
x JP3DGT/3 ASIA JA/OS-012 06:30 CW 20,17
x JA4RQO/4 ASIA JA/SN-077 06:30 CW 20,17,15
x RA9WJV/8 + RK8A + UB9WLJ/8 ASIA R9U/SO-103 06:30 SSB+CW 20,17
x 9A6CW EUR 9A/DH-082 06:15 CW 40,30,20
x SV2OXS/P EUR SV/MC-077 06:25 SSB+CW 40,30,20,17,15
x CT1DBS/P EUR TBD 06:30 CW 40,30,20,17
x DL4FO/P EUR DM/HE-003 06:30 CW 40,30,20
x DL4TO/P EUR DM/HE-017 06:30 SSB+CW 40,30,20,17
x EA2IF/P EUR EA2/NV-070 06:30 SSB+CW 30,20
x HB9DQM/P EUR HB/AR-004 06:30 SSB+CW 30,20
x HB9EKO/P EUR HB/SG-046 06:30 SSB+CW 30,20
x LB4FH/P EUR LA/RL-092 06:30 SSB 20
x LM10SOTA/P (LA3NGA) EUR LA/TM-011 06:30 CW+SSB 40,30,20,15
x LZ1GJ/P EUR LZ/RO-144 06:30 SSB+CW 20
x OE5AUL/P + OE5YYN/P EUR OE/OO-330 06:30 SSB+CW 20,17
x OE5FDM/P EUR OE/OO-119 06:30 CW 40,20
x OE5JFE/P EUR OE/OO-075 06:30 SSB 40,20,2
x OE6FEG/P EUR OE/ST-248 06:30 CW 40,30,20
x OE9HRV/P EUR TBD 06:30 SSB 20
x SV2HJW/P EUR SV/MC-077 06:30 SSB 40,20,2
x YO6PIB/P EUR YO/EC-426 06:30 SSB 20
x DD5LP/P EUR DL/AM-176 07:00 SSB 40,20,17,15
x VE7KPM NA VE7/CV-024 06:30 SSB 40,20
x 2E0AXL + Poss G8CXK(G4OIG) UK G/CE-004 06:15 SSB 20
x 2E0HZI/P UK G/CE-001 06:30 SSB 40,20
x 2E0YYY/P + G7LAS/P UK G/CE-002 06:30 SSB 20,2
x 2M0KAU/P UK GM/ES-085 06:30 SSB 40,20
x G0WPO/P UK G/SP-005 06:30 SSB+CW 20
x G6PJZ/P UK G/NP-015 06:30 SSB 20
x M0IML/P + GW4VPX/P UK G/SE-015 06:30 SSB 40,20
x M0NOM/P UK G/LD-050 06:30 SSB 80,40,20
x M1EYP/P UK G/SP-015 06:30 SSB+CW 20,2
x 2E0EFP/P + 2E0HPI/P UK G/NP-005 07:00 SSB 40,20,2

VK JA ZL - EU UK S2S 20 Oct 2018

I just alerted after finding a vacant summit: VK2/IL-002, Wingecarribee

PS: I’ll pack a box full of FT8 signals etc if anyone wants to try that strange QRP stuff.

PPS:dg7acf, #100: Yes but I can still edit my post so the thread continues!


A dx session this evening (Friday) not too much joy on 20M so think I will concentrate on the lower bands.
30/40M as the greyline approaches the eastern side of VK.
Later in the evening after sunset will give 20M a bash then. Conditions are not that bright from what I am getting.

73’s Wal

VK JA ZL - EU S2S 10 March 2018 (Part 2)

Regrettably meteo office raised an extreme WX warning (rain, thunderstorms, wind) here for tomorrow and Sunday. :frowning:
So, I will stay in safe side, i e, I will be a chaser instead…

GL to everyone!

73 de Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF


30m looks like possibly being the band with a better path to VK at that time. However, the bulk of the activity will be on 20m - so I’m going to focus on that. Swings and roundabouts.