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Visiting Southern France


I will be staying near Nimes and will be activating simple and easy summits in F/PE and F/CR between Sep. 19th-26th. The only definite plan I have is to activate Mont Ventoux at some point plus as many others as I can find time for. Oh, and to have some nice food and wine!


Cycled up Ventoux on the tandem. It was hard work.

Lots of people up there and a dirty great TV transmitter. Good luck!


I drove up Ventoux. It was easy. I attached the pole to the viewing platform but operated from beneath it to avoid the crowds. Magnificent views and a really enjoyable activation. F/CR is an amazing region and I must go back for more summits.

73 Andrew F/G4AFI

I hope to activate a couple of FL/NO summits around Alencon Saturday / Sunday


I’ve been part way up Ventoux but it was Winter and the road was closed beyond Chalet Reynaud, so we had
a nice lunch there. The mountain is very obvious from a large part of the countryside, here’s a zoomed shot from near my hotel when I was in Avignon one December.

There’s quite a lot of F/PE and F/MC summits that haven’t been activated yet or only been on the air once, so I hope to do some of those.


Hello Andy.
Yes you can drive to near summit but it’s a little bit more fun to park your car (La peguière - 1432 m).
73 QRO - Roger


I’ll be activting Ventoux F/CR-007 and the previously unactivated summit F/CR-059 Sommet du Col Pointu today.