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Using Discourse, the software that powers the reflector


If you have never used Discourse before you will have a lot to learn and play with. Feel free to create test topics and replies in this category. Experiment with the features available.



Just trying to add a quoted section in a reply.

Patrick - ac0sr


On a pc, highlight the text you want to quote, click the “Quote” icon that pops up, then click the Reply button, your reply post will then be prepopulated with the quoted text. as above.

Andrew vk1da


Works the same on my phone, but without the preview.

Patrick ac0sr


Works the same way on an ipad, with preview.


And multiple highlight - Quote sequences work exactly as I would hope.
Malcolm VE2DDZ

On a PC with Firefox at least


(snipped a bunch of stuff…)

Did you just drag across all the text/previous quotes that you wanted to include?

Patrick ac0sr


I quoted one at a time, Highlight the content from the first post then click quote. Then highlight the content from the second post then click quote. Then keep going. Then type the reply in the text box, the press reply. On Firefox 56 / Windows 7

Malcolm VE2DDZ