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Updated S5 SOTA ARM


The update of new S5 SOTA ARM with few new or deleted summits is available here:
And is valid from 1.1.2011.


In reply to S53X:

Please note that the new summits and deletions are not yet in the database but we hope to have the database updated for S5 by the 1st of February.


Brian G8ADD


In reply to G8ADD:

Hi all

Thank you for all that work. I do have a question! Why it does not seem to be retroactive to the date of taking account of these summits?
Milos has announced the “news” in the modified SOTA S5 ARM program (01/01/2011) at the date of January 03, he activated himself on January 04 a new summit S5/BR-035 where he made many QSOs. Does this mean that the changes made to a specific date are not taken into account on that date? As did the ARRL for PJ2-4-6-7 etc.!

I was glad to QSO Milos, and I was waiting to be able to enter this new reference in my hunters SOTA table :frowning:

I’m not sure but I think some have even entered an incorrect reference (but which existed at that date) in their table, just look at the entries to the date of 04 January for activations in Slovenia …

In any case thank you Milos, it was very nice to try - a next time

73 Eric F5JKK/QRP


In reply to F5JKK:

Unfortunately Milos surprised the MT by announcing the new summits without following the necessary procedures to get the data checked, approved and ready for entry into the database, it takes a lot more time to check out the data and enter it if the procedures are not followed, and matters were not helped by the fact that a number of new Associations were being processed at the time.


Brian G8ADD


In reply to G8ADD:


MT was surprised? In November 2010 all necessary documents were sent to SOTA MT. Reception was confirmed and no additional requests from SOTA MT was received. Because of that, we informed SOTA community in Slovenia, that changes will take place on 1. 1. 2011.

In January Rado S58R asked, what is wrong with update of database. “Oh, it is just a hobby” and “We have changed the way, how to enter summit data into the database.” Do you think that this right way? No, it is not!

And what is result of that? Some SOTA S5 MT members will probably leave S5 MT, Rado S58R our AM will be forced, to look for new members and new changes in ARM should be made.

A suggestion to SOTA MT:

Make a timetable that should be obligatory for Associations and MT. For instance:

Let’s say, that S-Day is day of ARM issue.

S - 60 days: AM should inform MT about new issue of ARM. MT should answer AM in 5 days.

S – 30 days: All necessary documents should be sent to MT, corrections in templates for summit data should be made.

S – 15 days: Last day for MT to request from AM any changes in ARM or summit data.

No later than S + 15 days: All changes should be updated on SOTA web pages and in Database.

Jure S57XX


In reply to S57XX:

You have missed the point, Jure. At the end of November Les received the documentation you refer to, and he emailed back with instructions on using the new streamlined procedure and a request for a Google Identity. He received no answer. If the necessary attention had been paid to his message everything would have been done in plenty of time and this thread would not have existed.

It looks to me as if you are criticising the MT for not allowing you to do things your own way instead of following the procedures laid down by the MT. We do not arrange these procedures for fun or for the pleasure of exercising power, the simple truth is that even with these improved procedures the MT has to do a lot of hard and time consuming work. If the procedures are not followed then the task becomes even harder and more time consuming.


Brian G8ADD


In reply to G8ADD:


I am sure, that Rado will again browse through his mail box and check what he got from Les in November 2010.

Jure S57XX


We sincerely apologize for any problems caused by the latest version of the S5 ARM. Error on my part, to waive routed e-mail that contained instructions for a new way to update the database.

Rado, S58R