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Totally Bonkers


Brian (G8ADD) and I have both picked up on a post on the North American SOTA site which describes an event which,IMHO, is totally bonkers and completely worthy of attention from some loony Brits (and others if you can claim to be as completely barking mad as the rest of us!)


Enjoy (and take part in the spirit of the event)


Barry GM4TOE


In reply to GM4TOE:
Going a long way back to when I did a few VDiffs and the odd HVD, I am temped to suggest Carnedd Llewelyn via Graveyard Gates or Cenotaph Corner (or have I got the wrong valley - it’s many years since I last looked up and thought ‘not for me’).

Regards, Dave, G6DTN


In reply to GM4TOE:

Hi Barry;

Any chance of a couple of certificates to admire on my shack wall as oblivion occurs :slight_smile:

Thought I would get in before the pile up in demand starts :slight_smile:

73 de Ken G3XQE


In reply to M0DFA:
Yes it would be Glyder Fawr via Cemetry Gates or Cenotaph Corner. Cenotaph was to be my final effort, still wonder if I could still manage a scrappy 2nd sometimes ha ha.


In reply to M0DFA:

Wrong valley, Dave, those routes are in The Pass, Cemetery Gates as a final effort before Glyder Fawr seems appropriate! Something like “Mare’s Nest” on the Black Ladders might be appropriate, too, of course, or a bit of Wainwrighting on Great End, or for those north of the border, “Doom Arete” on the Buachaille!

How about an informal SOTA event - “Look Down on Doomsday!”?


Brian G8ADD

PS If in defiance of logic the End does come, I will at least be spared the chore of putting my log in the database! :wink:


In reply to GM4TOE:
Does anybody fancy a winter crossing of the North Yorks Moors (The Lyke Wake Walk), taking in Cringle Moor (G/TW-002) and Urra Moor (G/TW-001), as a last rite? All gear to be carried in a suitable box, perhaps?

Regards, Dave, G6DTN

BTW, I am a Dirger(2nd degree)


In reply to M0DFA:
“BTW, I am a Dirger(2nd degree)”

Does that make you a 80 Mile man Dave? (:>)


Jack (:>J


In reply to GM4COX:
Yes, but took it in two goes, a year apart, travelling up from SE London for the weekends to express our condolences. So long ago that I can’t remember which years. However, I do remember the first crossing I did when the peat was burning. Some places the smell of burning peat mingled with burning rubber! I must have been barmier then than I am now. I did know one guy who did a double crossing (there and back), unsupported, in under 48 hours.



In reply to M0DFA:

It burned down to the bedrock in '76, I did it in ‘77 crossing huge areas where the ash still rose in clouds from your feet - but I swore then, “never again!” Appropriate, though…"this aye neet, this aye neet, ev’ry neet an’ all"


Brian G8ADD


In reply to G3XQE:
Yes, Ken, there is a certificate for working ten registered stations on the star-crossed day.
One of the organizers will no doubt activate Mt. Delusion (VK3/VG026) whilst the other will be on Missing Link Mtn (VE6/RA023). As for me, I’ll be up Mt. Middle Finger (VE7/GV001), followed by a sleep-over on Invincible Mtn (VE6/JF024).
Elliott, K6ILM
Chaser Clown


In reply to GM4TOE:

I am anxiously awaiting arrival of my Doomsday Station Registration Number and shall be happy to exchange it with other SOTA participants in the event that we manage to work between now and doomsday. I also have an old Ten-Ten award for working Hell, Michigan if anyone needs that number as well.

Devil’s Peak (W6/NS-197) is only about 20 kilometers from my house, but I’ve always viewed it’s steep slopes as being too much for me to handle. Here is a photo of me standing on the edge of Royal Gorge which currently separates Devil’s Peak (to the right) from the vehicle-accessible area that I’m in:

If calamitous events such as a pole shift or earthquake swarm were to fill in Royal Gorge and transform the mountain’s slopes into an easy hill walk, perhaps I can work you all from there post-doomsday. Assuming we still have an atmosphere and ionosphere, of course.


Eric, KU6J


In reply to KU6J:
An easy one for me… Hope Mountain (GW/NW-062)… hoping it won’t happen I suppose…



If I recall correctly there have been about 17 pole shifts in the last 5 million years. I think each transition last about 300 years during which the earth is subject to significantly increased cosmic radiation. We are probably in one of the the longest periods in the last 5 million years when no pole reversal has taken place. Should be fun when it happens :slight_smile: Role on 21st Dec. Why did I buy Christmas presents when I may not need them?
73 Jim G0CQK


In reply to K6ILM:

As for me, I’ll be up Mt. Middle Finger (VE7/GV001)

Is this so you can be defiant to the end?


Barry GM4TOE

(I think I got the right digit, much easier with two!!)