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Third NA<>EU S2S Event 18 Nov 17


I’ll probably camp out the night before, so I can operate when the bands open in the morning. I had to send my radio to Elecraft for a repair, hopefully I’ll get it back in time. Come hell or high water, I expect to participate. Since I’ll be there overnight I might try 160m.


What’s wrong with TW-005 -it’s a flat wide area with plenty of side of the road options - is it the time that is a problem? But Gigs are usually in the evening aren’t they? So you could activate in the afternoon and then go on to the Gig…

73 Ed.


Yes, the gig is in the evening. Soundcheck is at 5pm, load-in at 4pm, picking up the vocalist in Salford at 1pm etc etc etc :wink:


I was thinking it would be something like that or you’d have been “up” TW-005 light a rat up a drainpipe!

Not sure what I’ll be doing, probably something simple and quick.



…a horizontal drainpipe!


I tentatively submitted the verbal ‘paperwork’ last night to my XYL and I’m pleased to say that I have received the necessary stamps.

Haven’t decided upon the summit as yet but I hope to be on 20m and 17m with dipoles and vertical on Saturday afternoon (our time).

The signals from VE1WT, VE2JCW, N1GB and AC1Z around 1400utc last week were very good on 20m so I’m hopeful of some good results.




If I have the chance to give it a go, and weather permitting, I would like to participate.

My only worry is that in the past weeks I have been succesfully chasing some W Sota activators later than planned timing, usually with good signals on 14 MHz at around 17:30 - 20:30 UTC.

Anyway, I’ll try to meet you on air if possible!
73 de Ignacio


Just got the 16 day weather forecast for Germany. This weekend will bring heavy rain and winds and then Snow down to 500 metres ASL. The following weekend - when we have the event planned - that snow will be overall - also in the lowlands.

YUK! Not only cold and difficult to get up the summits but as the first winter weather, there will also be problems on the roads getting to the summits with un-prepared drivers and cars!

:umbrella: :sweat_drops: :snowflake::thunder_cloud_rain:


Yes, quite a challenge with the weather. The frigid weather and precipitation normally start in late October in NY. Currently they are forecasting rain for 18Nov but hopefully that will change. I hope we can all agree to hold the event earlier (Sept or Oct) next year. Besides the weather, the daylight situation will be better on both sides and will also help to bring in more west coast USA participation.

Barry N1EU


The following weekend - when we have the event planned - that snow will be overall - also in the lowlands.

Ed, that’s a weird forecast.


It’s from wetter.com’s 16 day forecast (in the video).

Of course weather forecasts …

In any case, I’m checking out possible alternatives to the 2+ hr drive away one that I had intended to activate.


Biggest problem I see are the roads - once at the base of a summit, walking up in snow is no problem, but there are some crazy drivers on slippery roads, some who drive too slow (causing agitation) and some too fast (trying to get past the slow ones). Accidents, blockages and delays ensue.


Hi Barry,

It is all up for discussion. One thought I had is that while we are around the bottom of the sun cycle, is it worthwhile changing to just a single event per year at a better time of year (weather-wise) and perhaps allowing a little more summit time? The downside is that if it is a bad day, then no amount of time spent on a summit will produce Trans-Atlantic S2S contacts.

I would suggest that we see how next weekend goes and then have a discussion to determine the best way forwards. I am really looking forward to getting out again.

73, Gerald G4OIG


Just for reference…here is my SOTA EU data from Arizona

Number of Europe stations worked from Arizona summits by month: 317 activations, 2013-2017

Month and number of EU contacts made:

Jan: 15
Feb: 36
Mar: 34
Apr: 11
May: 5
Jne: 7
Jul: 1
Aug: 1
Spt: 5
Oct: 29
Nov: 68
Dec: 28

It would appear that November is the peak here in AZ for DX conditions to EU. Late October may be an option, but nothing earlier than October looks very good, historically speaking. But…on any given day almost anything is possible.



Well 20 & 17m look to be the “best” options for NE USA on the day. Eastern Canada looks better. I hope it’s a nice day, because inter-continental work might be slow. It was certainly fresh this morning! Good luck everyone.


It was noticeably cooler today on the summit than earlier this week. Just 18C in the shade at 1670m ASL.


I’m hoping to get out Wednesday this week to a “similar” summit to the one I’ll be going to on Saturday, so it’ll be interesting to see how the propagation to North America is on Wednesday and hope it stays the same or gets better for Saturday.


Saw the spot but unfortunately couldn’t hear you Andy.



Conditions have not been good Ed. I’ve tried SSB on every summit and today was the first time I’ve had success. Mind you, at least 2 SSB chasers had beams. Finally got to work Victor on Fuerteventura too.


Hope you packed woolly socks and a coat for when you come home.