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Third NA<>EU S2S Event 18 Nov 17


Yes, it will be a bit of change at least 20C if not 22-24C cooler. Bummer! Worse than that I have to go back to work and sift through 8 days unaswered mails :frowning:


Latest forecast light snow showers and sunshine, hovering at or just below freezing . NW’ly 20+ mph gusting to 35



First snow falling here as I type this - doesn’t look like much at the moment though and hopefully will have cleared by Saturday - or in my case also Wednesday.

73 Ed.


The forecast for Saturday here is windy, cold, and “ice pellets.” I will check the conditions early Saturday morning before departure to see if summit will be accessible.

73, Barry N1EU


That ties in nicely for my NW facing summit. It looks like the tarp is going to come into its own once again like it did last year. I will definitely pack the 2.4 x 1.8m one. I doubt I will have snow down in the south-west, then again…


My wife was going to come with me (and bring the picnic :yum:). However something tells me her tolerance for sitting on the top of a hill in adverse weather watching me repeat “CQ”, might be less than mine :thinking:. Will the divorce statistics be best served by bringing her with me or leaving her behind? (I’ve been working away for the last few weeks). Oh the dilemmas of marital SOTA!
Maybe next year we could hold one of these events on 14 Feb?:couplekiss_man_woman:


I agree with Barry, October works better for us here in Quebec both in terms of weather and in terms of daylight.

I am looking forward to Saturday though, I worked Dani, EA5FV, S2S November 4 and that has sharpened my appetite :slight_smile:

Malcolm VE2DDZ


And there maybe a few VE6’s in the mix. Still trying to work something out with the other local folks.



This appears to be the current list (please excuse me if you alerted earlier or later and I’ve missed you, but I think this is the likely window based on the European MUF pattern over the last week).

The breakdown of modes based on this list is as follows:

From 17 summits, 15 on SSB, 8 on CW and 1 on digital modes (several stations are covering SSB and CW and one summit has two operators).


CW -
sv2oxs, g4oig,oe6feg,n1eu,oe5aul+oe5yyn,M1buu,wa7jtm,ve2ddz,

Digi -

Summits split out as
4 x 1-pointers, 3 x 2-pointers, 5 x 4-pointers, 3 x 6-pointers, 1 x 8-pointer and 2 x 10-pointers
So there should be plenty of S2S points to get even if conditions atre bad and you only make contacts at your own side of the pond.



I will be on my summit past 1800 UTC…likely until 1900, for any late blooming s2s contacts from any location!

Hopefully the weather will remain favorable, which is likely here in Arizona.



I’m also planning on being on a Summit… somewhere in W3…

Richard // N2GBR


Didn’t get my visa for Y2 association :wink: so I changed plans and will be qrv from DM/NS-115 in the Harz.
Today, I was quite amazed seeing the sunspot number popping up to 14 :heart_eyes: After weeks of SN 0 you even enjoy the smallest things…



Some good news this end - it looks like Southern Germany will be spared the bad weather originally predicted for Saturday. Just cold and light winds, no rain storms. So at this stage I’ll be sticking with my alerted summit. I’m not looking forward to the almost 3 hour drive each way though - but that’s life.

Hope to work several European S2S contacts and a few NA chasers. An EU-NA S2S is going to be less likely in the current conditions I think (at least for me).

73 Ed.


This goes for all activators on Saturday: no matter how low you think the likelihood of making a transatlantic s2s contact, please give priority to regularly and often listening for those weak s2s callers. Otherwise you run the risk of working all the local callers for 15+ minutes and the transatlantic s2s caller will get frustrated and QSY.

Barry N1EU


I’ll have every setting tweaked on my elderly FT817!
The sun seems to be a little less sleepy than of late which should help. I’m also buoyed by having some good contacts with NA stations over the past couple of weeks at around 1400utc, of course these QSOs were with stations with good antennas, but if we’re all listening very carefully, I’m sure some NA-EU QSOs can be made.

Really looking forward to Saturday and even the WX is looking OK at this point.



I think I will try and call “CQ s2s” as often as I can for this event, especially if I have a pileup I am working.

Maybe “CQ EU CQ EU” could also work.



What I usually do in cw, is something like “as as pse qrx qrx s2s s2s kn”



It’d be a real shame to be heard from a transatlantic summit and then miss the contact!

By the way, I’ll have my Zello back-channel running for any urgent messages - “SOTA - Summits on the Air program” group. This will be my first time using Zello for real, so I hope I get things right!

73 Ed.


I have just listened to the WIA News for Australia and was surprised to hear my announcement text for this EU-NA event on their podcast. Nice, but I’d be surprised to hear any VK stations at the time of day we plan to activate.

That brings me to my next point - I have a logistics problem! Based on when the NA stations are able to get out to their summits, I will already have packed up and left my summit in order to get home before it gets too dark (three hour drive and I don’t like driving these country back roads in the dark, these days). What that means is that I will unfortunately be downgrading my summit from the 10 point DM/BW-064 Heersberg to the 4 point DL/AL-167 Falkenstein as it is only 1.25 hours away from my home and just as important is on roads that I know well.

Sorry to those who were hoping to pick up the 10 pointer from me.

73 Ed.

It looks like the majority of stations are planning to be out between 1300 and 1500 UTC:


Don’t worry about the points Ed, the possibility of an S2S is far more important. BTW, last November I had a four and a half hour drive back home. Thankfully this year I am just 4 miles from my daughter’s QTH. :slight_smile: