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The 2015/2016 official SOTA Challenge


Yes, you get the summit points once per calendar year, and the summit multiplier once per challenge.


Rather enjoyed it myself.
Did quite well regarding only got 10m and no 6m at moment and 10W to boot.

Be interesting see end results.
My files already up to date.

M3FEH Karl


It would be nice to involve some way 17 & 15m bands, if there were another Challenge, especially with the arrival of JA etc. etc.


17m is an issue as a number of countries restrict access to it based on license class. The 12m challenge had a similar problem, particularly in VK, where only the top license gets access to WARC bands.


It may be impossible to come up with a meaningful challenge that doesn’t disadvantage someone, somewhere. There is little point in organising a challenge for generally available and widely used bands. We may have to accept that for some people the challenge will not be participating, but upgrading in order to be able to participate.



My logs are in for the 10m/6m Challenge. The deadline mooted by Andy in the sticky topic looked alarmingly near compared to my usual MO of catching up with my logs every 2 or 3 months! So I thought I’d better enter them before I forgot!

Congratulations to Jan OK2PDT who amazingly managed an average of more than one activator multiplier PER DAY throughout the (total) 6 month Challenge period. It is also worth recognising that Jan has done more SOTA activations than anyone else in the history of the programme. For many years this was me, but Jan is currently 43 activations ahead of me on 1899.

Not only that, but he has also become the first to break through the 10^4 barrier as an activator. There have been many “Super Sloths” (247 so far according to the Database), but Jan is our first ever “Super Goat”. He achieved this with an activation of Sýkor OK/JM-001 on Sunday 14th February 2016.


It don’t matter where you stick the challenge some body will have a problem with it cause what ever reason. Also at moment I don’t have the WARC bands or 6m.,

But end of day am in the Germans problem of no 6m. But hopefully by time next challenge comes up I will, hence making of the portable 6m moxon and saving me pennies to better me self with a better rig with 6m and keeping it reasonably portable.

For me seeing the alerts coming up for 10m got me going, quick tune up is it happening etc and during winter months its rare, and yet possible and picked up a few during his winters period.

My challenge was in the 10m section and so far 5th in 10m only and over all 6th with a wet bit of string and 10w only no beams no big ERP, Just fun doing it. Yet joint last in the Activators side of it LOL.

Its not about the winning, its taking part where you can.

10 and 6 bring it on again



Speaking of challenges ;)… Just as a suggestion Karl, why don’t you aim to take your intermediate ?
You should find it straight forward and you would probably enjoy the practical element.



The Germans have no problem with 6m because the challenge for German activators is 10m only. Any 6m QSOs wont be included. The same applies to anywhere where 6m is not available to licencees generally.


6m wasn’t available here for most Challenge days either…


Hello Andy, and others
Is any feature to show the result of the chalenge only on 6m, like it is “Only 10m”? Just because i’m curious to see how some concentrate activity on 6m.
Before the chalenge, i did’nt even know about that band; the challenge made me discover how fun
it is, with so less power than 5watts that you can get a so big signal on the other side.
I think Roger F5LKW is the one that have the more 6m Qso during the challenge (407) and may be
he disurbs a clap your hands for the “only 6M” score?
73’s from Gerald F6HBI


Gerald, you can’t do that easily. The challenge was for 10m & 6m or 10m only so only those options are available. We will do a little more analysis for when the results are confirmed.

You can view show 10 & 6 and compare the QSO count / multipliers with the 10m only score. That will give you the 6m numbers.


/Start Moan - Are we going to see the validated results soon please? - End Moan/


Yes. Maybe the meeting on Saturday is the place to be? :slight_smile:


Which meeting would that be? Just joking :slight_smile: ! As the FN presentation sessions are the only time in the year that a lot of SOTA-ites (mainly European, but there will be some representation from Australia and NA I believe) come together, it makes good sense to use this opportunity to announce results.



I have, finally, managed to produce a certificate for the 10m/6m Challenge.

The certificate will be available to all leading activators and chasers in each Association as well as the leading Worldwide Activator and Worldwide leading Chaser. Results are available on the databse website. The cerificate will cost £3.50 by post or £1.50 as a downloadable pdf (yes I know that is more than other certificates but look at how lovely it is!)

Go to www.sota-shop.co.uk or www.sota-shop.com and click on the link to “Certificates”


Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager


I agree they were lovely certificates, my two are up on the wall here in pride of place.

Now what is the next SOTA challenge going to be I wonder? VHF/UHF would get my vote.

73 Ed.


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