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The 2015/2016 official SOTA Challenge


According to the UKSMG map it should be open from central ON to EA9. Dead here now but anything can happen!



Hope you survive the chemical bier Andy - Sorry rather predudiced, living in Bavaria when it comes to beer you know. Must admit I haven’t had a good Bitter in a LONG time!

Just wanted to echo comments from others on 6m. from my experience in Australia - getting 50km was a real problem under normal conditions then one night I worked to the Island of New Caledonia - about 1900Km (5-7 each way) and the following day to Japan, about 15,000 Km, 5-8 each way. Then nothing for another 11 months… The location in Woy Woy, New South Wales, Australia was not a good VHF location. Where I am now, seems a lot better, especially with the activators up in the Alps, that I can see from here!

So the plan is to get the 6m Moxon up tomorrow all being well, then see who I can chase on 6m.

73 Ed.


Well with five activations done so far with the 10 & 6m challenge on going the main opening I seem to find on the bands is to Pickering and the best so far was to Argentina.
Currently using the FT817 along with the norcal doublet seems to work well for me, just need to make time to construct something more serious for 6m as any spare time I have has been used for my CW quest.



Hi Graeme, On the 6m portable front, take a look at the stressed Moxon design. It packs up small, is relatively light, both for carrying and supporting on a pole, and for what is effectively a 2 element beam has reasonable gain and front to back ratio.

Hmm, Pickering - I’m guessing That’s Garroby Hill (G/TW-004 aka Bishop Wilton Wold)? I’m originally from Hull, So East Yorkshire is my home county.

I now have the Moxon up here at home, so just waiting for any activations - they will always be outside of DL as portable operation on 6m is not allowed in Germany. So just chasing 6m.

73 Ed.


14th June - Shining Tor, G/SP-004

I added a few QSOs to my 10-m tally after the 144-MHz QRP contests on Sunday - thanks guys. Sorry to have made people wait - I never allow enough time setting up my 2-m Yagi beforehand.

Anyway, what was remarkable (to me anyway) was catching a random QSO on the 6-m FM calling channel, just using the stock antenna on my VX-7, literally as I just switched on on summit. 116km into Wales, thanks to GW0EZY/M, Terry.

(A couple of pictures of a grey day)

Shining Tor 2nd Backpackers 2015


On Sunday 21st June I activated Mwdwl-eithin, GW/NW-047, for the Challenge. A 6-m contest was running for most of this and conditions were good. So I was able to collect a few more calls, enjoying a great day despite the wind.

Mwdwl-eithin 6m

Thanks everyone!


6m on Gun

A morning on G/SP-013 scoring a few more call-signs for the Challenge:

Gun for 6-m CW Contest

Thanks everyone!


Rather enjoying looking for Signals off the goats on 10m during challenge time.

Don’t have 6m at moment yet still hanging in there in the top ten of the chasers with contacts on 10m only.

Have found ten can be strange one, it requires to hang about the freq more as one minute the goat could be there, gone the next during your listening period.

Even a couple of you goats been on 10m with not lot happening, but always pop back to give it go as EC2AG/p did other day and caught him on his 2nd attempt of 10m.



Escaping the M6 for a quick evening activation of Arnside Knott, G/LD-058, during the 6-m session of VHF NFD…

Arnside Knott 6m

Didn’t quite get the QSO count to double figures, but it was worth it for the scenery!


What a difference a day makes…

Logs now in for my single activation of I/TO-304. 27 QSOs on 10m and 7 QSOs on 6m moves me up from 39th (170 points) in the world to 28th (Now 360 points). Don just scraped in for the final QSO before the battery died in an instant

Don’t think I will be catching OK2PDT et al!

Pic of set up on Mont Calvi TO-304 this morning:

73 de Phil


Not a great day for 10m / 6m, bar one surprising contact to Namibia!

Pendle Hill and Freeholds Top

Thanks everyone. Simon


Hi Mikel, did you (or anyone else on this thread who was looking at creating a 6m Slim Jim), get to use it in the first part of the challege? If so how well did it work?

With the start of the second half of the challenge approaching, this weekend, I’m considering some trips down to Austria (where 6m portable is legal) and also was thinking about a slim jim made out of 300 ohm feedline (I have all the details).

I would expect most contacts to be on SSB so perhaps a simple dipole would be better that the (vertically polarised) Slim Jim?



Hi Andy,
Just checking the challenge dates have not changed and part two of the 10m/6m Challenge starts this coming Saturday?

73 Ed.


They haven’t changed recently but they have changed once. The dates are displayed on the challenge pages.


OK thanks found them -
Challenge Dates: 15th May 2015 to 14th August 2015 and 14th November 2015 to 13th February 2016

Lets see what we can do on 10 and 6 without so much sporadic E - should be interesting!



Maybe there’ll be some African SOTA for you to copy next week on 10m Ed :wink:


Hi Andy,
Sorry if this has already been covered, but I could not find it in the thread. With the challenge fast approaching closure on the 13th. if I activate a summit again on 10m that I activated last year, does it count as another activator summit point or are summits only allowed to be activated once within the challenge - even when in two separate calendar years?




My interpretation of the rules was that each unique summit counts once only.
I have activated some summits a second time within the challenge period but it only counted once for the challenge.




No it does not count.


Ok, thanks for the replies - it seems reasonable that any one summit would count only once for the challenge, however as the general rules “reset” a summit on calendar year change, it could also be the case - but if you have re-activated a summit Andrew and did not get one more activator summit multiplier, then that has confirmed the situation - thanks.