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Spotting from DMR to Sotawatch


Spotting SOTA activation at Sotawatch via DMR Brandmeister network

Thanks to SMS to APRS facilility of BM and APRS2SOTA server, I have successfuly sent a SOTA activation spot to Sotawatch server, with my Hytera handy.

We are more and more SOTA activators with DMR handys activating at DMR simplex and this feature will be a nice solution for spotting our SOTA activities.

Perhaps at the future, a service could be available to insert spots directly from BM to Sotawatch without using APRS… but anyway this is a nice feature.

73 de Iñigo EA2CQ



Very nice way to spot yourself on a summit. I am a DMR user. We will soon have the talkgroup Brandmeister on our network. Hope to hear you soon on DMR.



Nice idea - will have to see if we get a similar capability in VK1 - a DMR repeater will hopefully be up in the next month or so. I made my first DMR contact from a summit last week (VK1/AC-042), which I think is the first DMR activation for VK - almost certainly the case for VK1.