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Spots not working?


Is the spot system working? Spotting myself fine in the morning today but since not being able to via the website from my phone.


Please ignore previous post/delete thread. My phone was adding in a space character after GM (GM /NS-151) hence why it wasn’t recognised in the system. Apologies.


I fear there must have been something wrong with spotting today.
I activated at about noon and was unable to selfspot for my 20m SSB operation. However, the RBNHole did spot me perfectly when on CW.



Hi Guru the database server was down for a while which meant that SOTAWatch would not accept spots or alerts through it’s web page as it validates that a correct summit reference has been given. (SMS and smart phone Apps continue to be able to spot as they don’t validate what is entered).

However in Adrian’s case - as he realised himself - it was a typo on his part which stopped him being able to spot.

73 Ed.


OK, Ed, thanks for the info.
Shame because I couldn’t work much on 20m SSB. I called CQ on 14.305 for a few times with obviously no response (no spot) and I finaly found 2 activations and managed to log a couple of S2S QSOs.
It’s great that we have CW and the RBNHole. What a fantastic feature.



Hi Guru, you could have used SMS or a smartphone app to spot, it was only the sotawatch web page that wasn’t accepting spots.

73 Ed.


I tried the app SPOTmySOTA but it seemed to be out of service last week and so it seemed today. I’ll send a message to Iñigo @EA2CQ to let him know.