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Special events


Helen GW7AAU and Steve GW7AAV will be active today as GB2RFS at the Ruthin Flower Show along with other operators. We intend to be active on most bands with ops on FM, SSB and CW. Please give us a call between the SOTA contacts if you hear us.

73 GW7AAV Steve


In reply to GW7AAV:

Well, I certainly hope you are operating correctly after your letter to Radcom, running with the fox and the hounds eh;-)



In reply to GW7AAV:

Fine Steve GL

Myself and John G4YSS will be operating GB2SSF from the Scarborough Sea Festival this weekend.

CW around 3515 or 7015
SSB around 3725 or 7055

Scarborough Special Events Group GX0OOO


In reply to G4SSH:

Hi Roy,
We certainly heard you and John and a number of our operators including myself tried to call in several times without success. Band conditions where poor on all bands today interspersed with “CQ Russian contest” and we were suffering from generator noise problems. Your signal was 5/9+60 one second and 2/3 the next as was another GB call (GB2BP) from Bletchley Park. We could not get through the pile up there either. We had loads of fun and may have sparked the interest of a good few lapsed amateurs who came over for a chat and a few budding M3’s.

Minor disaster was our CW operators each thinking the other would bring his key. Opps!

Hope you had a good time too.
73 Steve GW7AAV

Many thanks to the SOTA regulars who called in.


In reply to G4SSH:

Hoi Roy,

GB2SSF from the Scarborough Sea Festival is in my log on 40 m band.
GB2SSF - Tx RST: 57 Rx RST: 59 - QRG 7.056.30 - SSB - 19-07-2008 - 14.04 UTC
Bad signals with much QRM from Russian stations.
Dit I work you … or was it John ???

Cu Nxt 73



GX3NFC/P on the air today from a steam rally with Steve 2E0KPO and myself Dave G0AOD, most on 80 meter and 145 but did not hear you chaps. Maybe next time.

73 Dave


In reply to GW7AAV:

Hi Steve,

Sorry to hear that you did not manage a QSO with our station. Conditions were poor with deep QSB. We made about 200 QSO’s on SSB, 100 on CW and 50 on VHF.

For Luc

I do not have the logs with me Luc, will check tomorow and reply later. I was working the CW station and John the SSB on Saturday morning, but there were 12 ops in total.

Back on again tomorrow commencing 3725 SSB and 7015 CW around 0900 local time



In reply to G4SSH:

Hi Roy,

Second QSO

GB2SSF - 3.722.0 - SSB - RST Tx: 55 RST Rx: 55 - STRONG QSB - Name: JOHN - 09.59 UTC - 20.07.2008
Poor conditions with deep QSB. RST from S 0-5 (Up-down)



In reply to ON6DSL:

Hi Luk

Both QSO’s confirmed in the GB2SSF log.

A full colour QSL of the fishing feet in Scarborough Harbour will be sent via the Bureau unless a direct card is requested via G0OOO.

Thank you for calling in to the Scarborough Sea Festival station.



In reply to G4SSH:

Hi Roy,

Both QSO’s confirmed and I will be sent my QSL (1) via the Bureau. Thank you for recieving my signals.

Cu nxt (SES).



In reply to G4SSH:

Fine Luc.

Our next SES is GB1SCA from the lamp room of Scarborough Lighthouse (ENG-121) for International Lighthouse week, 16-17th August. Same times and freqs.

cu then

73 Roy G4SSH / GB1SCA


In reply to G4SSH:
I spoke to the Station GB2SSF at 13.13utc on Sunday 20/07/08 on 144ssb reports where 5x9 both ways, Not sure who was on the microphone, but it was not Roy or John, the gentlman said not another goat with a chuckle in his voice, Thanks for the qso to my qrp/contest station for the backpackers contest,
Steve m0sgb


In reply to M0SGB:

Hi Steve,

The op on the VHF station at that time was Ted G8AZA and a note was made in the log QSP’ing your 73’s to John and myself.

Thanks for the contact.

73 Roy G4SSH / GB2SSF


In reply to G4SSH:
no problems always a pleasure to speak ,
Steve m0sgb


In reply to G4SSH:

Our next SES is GB1SCA from the lamp room of Scarborough Lighthouse
(ENG-121) for International Lighthouse week, 16-17th August. Same
times and freqs.

73 Roy G4SSH / GB1SCA

I’ll be looking for that one! (but for the ‘real’ reference number as found in Admiralty List of Lights ;o) )

73 Graham G4FUJ


Photographs of GB2RFS now on Flickr so people can put faces to call signs and see what fun can be had doing a special event.

Regards Steve GW7AAV who is missing all the chaser points due to work :0(


In reply to G4SSH:

Myself and John G4YSS will be operating as GB1SCA from the top of Scarborough Lighthouse during International Lighthouse Weekend this coming weekend 16-17th August, on behalf of the Scarborough Special Events Group. 0830-1500 local time.

400 lighthouses from 50 different countries on the air.

SSB 3725 / 7055 KHz
CW 7015 KHz
plus 2m SSB and FM

Your call would be most welcome. QSL card on qrz.com


John’s linked dipole over the top of the lighthouse goes like a bomb with a 360 degree salt water groundplane !


In reply to G4SSH:

GM7AAV & GM7AAU SOTA Scotland 2008 starts on Sat 16th August for two weeks so I hope to work you en-route on Saturday or maybe from a summit on Sunday. Week 1 Selkirk and weeks 2 Dumfriesshire

Hope to be also active from our cottages in the evenings 5.3985 & 3.666 or there about.

Hope the bomb doesn’t bring down the lighthouse.

Regards Steve GW7AAV