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SOTA today


Oh, come on, Tom, they’re clean - fresh out of the furnace!


I wished me Andy could put on Brian’s asbestos underpants and split this thread, the sooner the better :wink:


You need these Heinz >>>>>>> :sunglasses: then it’s ok if Brian appears without these >>>> :jeans:


We know someone who used to pretend to be their own young child on this forum don’t we children! :laughing:


I hope, for his sake he has invested in some good quality talcum powder :wink:


Hi Mike,

It was the FE group that I requested to join at the end of March and as per my above post my request is still pending and I am emailing the admins of this group every week and query this and I never get a response. I just don’t understand why they would accept requests from people to join this group more recently than my request, but leave my request as pending.

Jimmy M0HGY


I sympathise, Jimmy, having gone through the same thing, but I strongly suggest you let it go - after all, it is their loss if they don’t want you, isn’t it? Ignore them, and their childishness, give your attention to the more rational groups. The posturings of the lunatic fringe should be off topic for this reflector!



Perhaps a good time to remind that the only official SOTA Facebook group is the one linked from the top of this page, and the main SOTAwatch page. This has been running successfully for many years, thanks to Steve M0SGB.


I do!
I managed to sneak in under cover of darkness.
I was instantly expelled after they discovered I was on the MT. :astonished:
It took a concerted effort, from the resident troll who was waiting under his bridge, to reap disinformation and mayhem :laughing:


Well said Heinz… I was around the shack most of the day today having deferred an activation day in Scotland due to a bad back…

I enjoyed a typical multi-modal midweek summer chaser day. My tally:

11 SOTA CW Chaser QSOs = 42 points

11 SOTA Phone Chaser QSOs = 54 points

Thank you to Terry GM0VWP/P X 1 and Holger OE7HPI/P X 2 for the 10 pointer summits on SSB.

73 Phil


Sorry Phil, Dan said that …
… and don’t worry, we understood your “3 words” the right way, i.e. just related to the context, hi

Congrats on your impressive one day chaser score in mixed mode.
Take care!




Why on earth would you want to join the FE group, Jimmy?

I am not even a member of Facebook, let alone the FE discussion group, and I do not feel at all deprived!
The SotaWatch reflector seems perfectly adequate for the exchange of ideas.

Walt (G3NYY)


Perish the thought!



Surely there’s not that much to discuss about one 5MHz channel :-s

73 de Paul G4MD (also a facebook-free zone)


<walt mode>
What are these channels you speak off?
</walt mode>



Here we go again …

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Sorry Walt I can resist everything except temptation :wink: