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SOTA on TV - Lauren M6HLR


Lauren has completed activating all the 214 Wainwrights, including many SOTA summits.


Congratulations Lauren on your achievement (and your TV debut!). Hope to speak to you again on your next challenge.


Many congratulations Lauren on your magnificent achievement. Looking forward to working you on the sota summits.88 Don G0RQL.


Well done, Lauren, many congratulations.



Excellent, well done Lauren.

73’ Don GW0PLP


Wow! Well done Lauren


Well done, Lauren, many congratulations. 33 Eva, HB9FPM :slight_smile:


Congratulations Lauren on completing all Wainwrights and activating them all for WOTA at the age of 12.

Jimmy M0HGY


Very congratulations, Lauren.
I wish I could see this type of news in EA land. Unfortunately I don’t see too many youngsters interested in ham radio in these days :frowning:
Keep on doing the good work!
Best 73,



Doesn’t time fly? SOTA started around 3 years before Lauren was born. M0HGY got his first licence and did his first SOTA activation possibly in the same year that Lauren was born. I just trying to make M0HGY and SOTA both feel old…


We have just got home but, are back out today and going to YOTA 2017 to run some workshops on summit activating. We havent logged our sota activations yet but, will do shortly.
There should be an article in the Westmoreland Gazette next week and, we did an interview with a news agency for National news coverage.
The tv piece went out on BBC Northwest, North east and even in our local region Southeast so, WOTA and SOTA got a really good plug.
The story on the southeast region also looked back on when Lauren was on TV back in 2012 for her canoeing exploits. we used amateur radio then but from the water.
Lauren certainly is a great ambassador for amateur radio. very proud of her and what she has achieved.


Go girl! Love it. Great achievement and a fantastic ambassador for amateur radio.