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Sota Madness or was it FF


What has happened to SOTA??
Even a S/S is not reconised.
Ok for us guys that have retired we can still get some enjoyment from sota buy swithing off at week ends and hopefully picking up the mid week activators but for the workers no chance with the likes of this mornings fiasco on 40mtr.73 Don.


In reply to G0RQL:

It is just the same at the moment on 40 mtrs the guy is getting slaughtered by the 400w QRP stations this time hes not FF as well .

Its a sign of the times with the increased european activity .



What ???


In reply to G0LGS:

Google Translate is no help either.


In reply to G0LGS:

The new craze World Flora and Fauna which most UK activators have done with out being aware of it. If they had theres a chance of a lot more contacts for them.



In reply to G0TRB:
Once the qro,s get wind of that Roger the uk sota will also be wiped out with 44s.Don.


In reply to G0RQL:

I’m still completely in the dark. Will somebody please take the time to explain in simple understandable terms what has been going on, or should I perhaps delete this thread as cryptic nonsense?


Brian G8ADD


In reply to G8ADD:

cryptic nonsense

Its still exactly that as far as I’m concerned !



In reply to G8ADD:

Nothing to beat a little gobbledegook…

I get the gist of it though



This link is for the WFF award.




In reply to G3CWI:


I had found that, but I’m still in the dark !

(Last thing I can see posted there was over 2 months ago).



In reply to G0LGS:

Click the english language thingy top right & you see the updated page.


In reply to G0LGS:
This might give you a better insight Stewart and it certainly is a ‘craze’ for the rest of Europe. It is extremely well run also and QSO’s have to be confirmed by the EW4DX log. Charles/M0OXO is the UK administrator and it would be great if some SOTA activators could also give the WFF reference when appropriate.




In reply to G4CMQ:

I put a basic bit of info on the reflector a few days ago and many Sota activators are in the logs.

the title was.

Who’s Activated WFF Without Knowing.

Roger G0TRB,


In reply to G4CMQ:

Yes, I am well aware by now of WFF, but what on earth has this to do with the opening post?

Pray elucidate!


Brian G8ADD

PS If I “should” give WFF references where relevant, does this mean that I should also give IOTA references, too? As schemes multiply should I give longer and longer lists of references? I don’t think so, those following other flags can look up their references for themselves!


In reply to G0LGS:

Hi Stewart,

I’m with you on this one! I can only imagine
that you pay for QSL’s, awards, etc, and some
of the money goes to support DXpeditions, and
the balance goes to the wildlife good causes.

Look forward to working you soon,

Kind regards

Dave G0ELJ


In reply to G8ADD:
Brian, you are already, unwittingly, partaking in WFF and have 8 registered QSO’s. The point about IOTA is a little duplicitous in that these are already given on most SOTA activations as are WAB areas at times. No QSO can be registered unless the activator sends his log to EW4DX so my only point was that activators, where they wish to, could give out the area. Let us not confirm the ‘Little Englander’ attitude of which we are often accused.



In reply to G4CMQ:

Well, David, I cannot for the life of me remember what the IOTA designation for mainland UK is, I have never at any time given it out, and I have never heard anybody give it out on a SOTA activation.

But this is irrelevant, isn’t it?

The point is that Don started off this thread by sounding off in no uncertain terms about something that happened on 40 metres this morning which had annoyed him, I am still waiting to find out what his post was all about, and either all this stuff about WFF is irrelevant, or if it IS relevant, can somebody make the relevance clear to me?

Thank you.


Brian G8ADD


In reply to G8ADD:

Following other flags increases the interest in the hobby , with WFF it is the activators log which is uploaded as with SOTA so awards are automatically credited. You yourself and others on this tread have gained at least 1 award level .

Yes most award chasers will know where to get the info like WAB Locators and membership of DIG RNARS RAFARS etc etc .

Again its just a hobby and if there are choices of one contact doing a number of things then why not.

The opening post refers to the sharks after the WFF and left some SOTA chasers in the smoke and not giving the chance of a S2S with other SOTA activators.



In reply to G8ADD:
Well, I for one don’t do QSL cards and rarely carry a camera onto a summit. I always have the NGR and can give the nearest village/town (even if the pronounciation may leave a bit to be desired) and can sometimes quote a WAB reference or a locator (if I’ve remembered to calculate it before leaving home). It’s amazing how upset some operators get if I can’t supply the specific locational information they want. As you rightly say, if they need the info that badly, they can work it out from the NGR.

Regards, as GOM and/or MOS, Dave, G6DTN/M0DFA.

PS - It looks as if I’ve activated a number of them over the years.