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SOTA-Link Project Part 3


It’s possible that my Wire-X <=> FCS bridge was not working. I have rebooted it.


Thanks Richard.
I’ll try again. Local high point this evening turned out to be not high enough to get me in, although I could hear some traffic transmitted by the gateway.


Just to add further to your confusion, because of the way the cross linking works your best ways to access SOTA-Link are via any Fusion node except MB6SO. Alternatively access via DMR (BM TG973). If you use MB6SO as your access-point, the cross linking does not work. On summits near Macclesfield, MB6AH in Stoke can be connected to Wires-X room 44050 for full access. There are occasional Fusion nodes on 70 cm in Stockport and Bolton which can be useful.

Easy really (!).

If you want to play on MB6SO, try connecting it to CQ-UK (Wires-x 27793).


Well I thought I was in with a shot today, ascending GM/SS-027.

GB7FE accepted my WIRES-X connection but wouldn’t let me switch rooms. It seems it’s locked to the Scottish SC-Room.