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SOTA-Link Project Part 3


Hi Marek

This resource may help you in your endeavour:



I can recommend the tplink wr902ac if you want to take your rfshark openspot portable. Set it to ‘client mode’ and tether to your mobile for data access. Along with a suitable battery to power both the mini router and openspot


Welcome to Marko DD2ZN who has accessed SOTA-Link via DMR for the first time today.


I am pleased to announce that the first person has asked to borrow one of the two FT70D loan radios that are available free for SOTA people to use (terms and conditions apply!).


HI All I was on Sota-Link Yesterday 06/07/18 about 09:00utc.
I used DMR with a AT- 868UV via 2 repeater in Italia and France while on F/AM-354.
I called few time, but no taker! Just seen on my screen LH: G3CWI Richard.
It is a good start, lets carry on.
73 Gerald F6HBI


Hi Gerald - ANYONE accessing the talk group from a Yaesu Fusion system is shown as Richard G3CWI as it comes through his bridge - you can’t see their “real identity”.

73 Ed.


I’m Richard G3CWI

(With apologies to the real Spartacus)


I’m now QRV DMR and i will use F1ZNX repeater via TG973.
It’s a real good repeater thanks for its coverage.
73 QRO


Tomorrow 08/07/2018 i will be on summit F/AM-256 and probably able to reach a DMR Italian repeater.
in this case i will be on 973 Sota link.
Gerald F6HBI


I’m Richard G3CWI and so’s my wife!


(Only) room for 50 more Richards to join us in this thread :grin:


I hope that’s not a slang term!


No, No. No - that can’t be right everyone knows to be involved in SOTA (at least in Australia) you have to be called Andrew!


As it should be.


The truth is out (but I’ll still always be Richard G3CWI on SOTA-Link :japanese_goblin:)


I have had an offer from Rickie MI5DAW to bridge SOTA-Link to DSTAR xlx925 module E /4005. As SOTA-Link is not being used at present I don’t want to waste Rickie’s time. Any interest?


CT2IWW heard on SOTA-Link but seemed unable to hear me.


GM - Fusion

So, I’m off to GM next week, north of Glasgow, with Beinn Ime &c in my sights.

Now, Richard has kindly lent me an FT70 (thanks Richard!), which I have now got talking to its programming software (there was a certain amount of grumpiness involved in that!). I am perusing sources of information such as www.ukrepeaters.net whilst entering additional memories.

One that looks interesting is GB7GG, which seems to have a lot of connectivity, including FCS004. Now this is all new to me. Am I going to be able to get from that (assuming the RF side of things works out) and in to SOTA-Link? I’m a bit hazy (!) on how I dial through to that, compared with a WIRES-X operation.

A month of preparation would probably be worthwhile. :crazy_face:



You don’t need to “dial through” anything beyond connecting to Wires-X room 44050. That is connected to FCS04-73 already.


Thanks Richard.

Well I think I was almost there from Gun, G/SP-013. WIRES-X connected but I missed the next step!

It was impromptu activation, taking a diversion on the way home from work, with no notes on which buttons to push. :crazy_face:

Completed one C4FM QSO by simplex (Greg, 2E0GGB - line-of-sight in Holmes Chapel), so that’s a first for me. 3 more by FM for the point.

Thanks to Allan @GW4VPX also for listening for me on SOTA Link. Hope to get it right next time! :grinning: