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Sota-link Project Part. 2


The QRK is the issue with them! :slight_smile:


I’ll let everyone know my thoughts about the rig but being the cheapest dual-band Tier II DMR HT, I do not expect it to be the best performing H.I.

The Hytera’s also have a good name but like the Motorolas, they’re expensive.

73 Ed.


Ready when you are.


OK, sorry I couldn’t make it last night, today I have no options as I have teleconferences all evening. Unfortunately to get a EU and AU friendly time is going to be difficut I think.

OK in UK/EU who is available tomorrow during the morning (It’s a public holiday in several EU countries) - lets say 08:00 UTC (9am BST, 10am CET), which would make it 6pm local in Eastern Australia.



When is tomorrow, the 10th May? If so I should be able to be around at 0800 UTC


I’ll try and join you tomorrow 0800UTC

(Don’t tell work it’s not a holiday here :slightly_frowning_face:)


Hi Andy, Hi Compton - I have seen that Richard (or one of his interface systems) has been accessing the Talkgroup today, so it is operational.

Lets see if I can get in tomorrow (I’ll be trying beforehand - it’s more whether I can get access via the local repeater or not which may be the issue).

73 Ed.

P.S. Compton - yes confirming 0800 UTC tomorrow - so: Thursday 10th. May - 6pm Sydney time.


Successful connection and a short QSO with Richard - thanks Richard!

Sorry for the fuzzy photo!


I’ll be popping up G/SP-015 in the next hour and hope to be on SOTA-LINK as well as C4FM simplex.


Monitoring here for the next 30 mins.

Called three times but I suspect a combination someone else trying to access a different talk group via the same repeater I was using and you guys not leaving long enough gaps between overs for me to get in (or a Yaesu call perhaps overriding a DMR one - as you would be listening from the yaesu side) could have been part of the problem.

73 Ed.


Thanks for trying Ed. I successfully spoke to GW4VPX, G3CWI and G1UUO in the SOTA-LINK WIRES-X room, but not you, though Allan did hear you.

I was connected through MB6AH node, Stoke-on-Trent, but this seemed to be carrying another net simultaneously. Not sure how?

Anyway, 5 QSOs on 2m FM, and just the one on 2m C4FM. Plus of course all the SOTA-LINK stuff, but they don’t count for inclusion in the SOTA activation log!


Hi Tom, yes I could hear you all and kept trying to get in, bat, as I said it could be that my repeater was in use or that effectively you all conversed in the Wires-X room and the delay for my call to get through from the DMR talkgroup meant you kept missing me. I did hear you call specifically for me though and I returned the call, perhaps there was someone else on the line …

73 Ed.


Thanks for contacts this morning on SOTA-Link with Compton VK2HRX (direct DMR), Andy G6PJZ (via Fusion gateway) and Roland G4APO (also via Fusion gateway).


Yep, excellent copy from my HotSpot now mounted up in the roof. Next step is to get a portable one going for summits.



Right here goes… I am a complete novice when it comes to the architecture of the various digital systems but this is all very interesting and, given that we have a number of DMR repeaters within spitting distance, I have a question. How would I use one of my local repeaters to access the TG973 talk group for SOTA? Is it something that would have to be configured by the respective repeater keep(ers) or is it merely a question of initiating some kind of link?

This may end up prompting a long answer from someone but please go ahead… educate me… as I can’t seem to get my head around it at the moment.

73 Marc G0AZS


No idea; I have never used DMR. However, several here have managed it so they will be able to help. I assume that you have a DMR radio of some sort?


Hi Marc,
having just learnt about DMR over the last month, as well as details on how to configure a Baofeng RD-5R HT I also cover some of the background around the complex minefield that is DMR:

Take a look here: https://vk2ji.com/equipment/baofeng-rd-5r-dmr-ht/

73 Ed.


I’m new to it all too, you would have to send the repeater 4000 to disconnect from its current talkgroup, then sent it 973 to connect it to SOTA. You can either disconnect it again when finished and return it to it’s ‘usual Talkgroup’ or after a period of inactivity it should return itself to said talkgroup if it’s been set that way by its keeper.

I think that’s correct, that how it works on my hotspot anyway, I imagine the repeaters to be the same


I believe (and I could be wrong) the 4000 disconnect code is related to linking using reflector technology. This is used by Hot spots but less often by repeaters, at least in the Brandmeister network. The timeout - or someone accessing and connecting to a different TG is how a TG link is dropped - in fact it is possible that the link can be dropped mid QSO by another amateur accessing the Time Slot with a request for a different talk group.

73 Ed.


I find myself with a spare hour in my schedule this afternoon, so I’ll pop up Gun G/SP-013 with my Fusion handy. SOTA-LINK WIRES-X & C4FM simplex in the next hour.