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Sota-link Project Part. 2


MW6LPU and MW0VPS joined into SOTA-Link today, one via the FCS reflector and the other via the DMR TG. Good to hear some chats about SOTA taking place.

I believe that Tom M1EYP may be demonstrating SOTA-Link at the Blackpool Rally this Sunday.


2m QRM permitting…


Late night activation time…

I’m heading up The Cloud G/SP-015 later, with my FT70D. I hope to check into the SOTA-LINK room on WIRES-X via a suitable node / repeater when I arrive on summit. I’ll be happy to have a chat with any SOTA friends around the world.

I will also be activating using simplex 2m C4FM, and probably analogue 2m FM too.


I had no joy getting in the SOTA-LINK room as it turned out. When I tried via the MB6AH node, I got a message back stating “Offline”.


I was listening over here in VK2. That will explain why I didn’t hear you. Next time…


Not sure why the Wires-X room was offline. I can see MB6AH has accessed it around midnight (as did MB6PR). It also looks like the Wires-X/FCS link was unlinked. I have rebooted the system and all seems well now (maybe). If does need some proper testing - which I cannot do from home, so field testing is very welcome.


In preparation for a working lunch in the pub with Tom M1EYP I have prepared this clumsy (simplified) network diagram.


Hi Richard,

Always nice to have a diagram to explain things :slight_smile:

I am trying to build up my DV knowledge (which is pretty minimal) so a query. I notice that you are using a DVMega to bridge the Wires-X 44050 Room with FCS004-73. I thought that the DVMega could only connect to YSF Reflectors because the FCS Reflectors were created by the DV4Mini folk. I assumed you would need a DV4Mini device to do the job. Obviously it looks like my understanding was wrong.

73 Andrew G4AFI


Took the MD380 out with me today on GM/NS-138, easy access into GB7BI dmr repeater. Worked G0ANV on 4405


Much of the information on the web is wrong (apart from the Areas 52 stuff).


The bridge for SOTA-Link to the DMR network is experience problems and may not always work. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The Wires-X 44050 <=> FCS 04-73 link remains in place and operational.


Would I be right that no one has been in TG 973 in the last couple of days and that when someone is using it, I should be able to hear them via https://hose.brandmeister.network/973/ ??

I’d like to try to listen for the TG over a local DMR repeater if I know there are going to be some people on, so that I can see if my DMR HT is now working (I am VERY new to DMR).

73 Ed.


I’ve been connecting into SOTA-LINK via WIRES-X enabled nodes and repeaters over the past few days quite a lot, and heard nothing at all. I announced my presence in the room a few times.


The last access appears to have been once on Sunday by Compton VK2HRX


I saw in some earlier archives a lot of entries under Richard’s @G3CWI call sign - I suspect that access that is routed in from Wires-X may come with Richards ID on it.

Any one up for a short net on the Talk Group this evening or Thursday (I’ve no chance on Wednesday).

73 Ed.


Hi Tom

As someone who has been monitoring FCS004-73 for a few weeks I can sympathize with your perceived disappointment of not having a contact. If I had been monitoring I would have answered. I usually monitor when working indoors on my computer .

The problem is that the weather has been so nice that I for one have had to catch up with work outside so I was not monitoring the room. Was I chasing SOTA…yes, as my mobile phone with SOTA Spotter will ping and let me know that an activator has just been spotted…I usually make my way to my HF radio in the shed and chase the activator.

Can I carry my FT2D around with me when I work…not really…would probably break it quite quickly. I can only access the room via my SharkRF.

There are so few of us on the system at the moment that it is a case of being around at the right place at the right time…maybe an agreed time slot in the evening for some sort of SOTA ragchew would increase activity.

If I monitor for the whole day I find that the batteries run down by late afternoon…takes a very long time to charge the FT2 with the supplied charger. There is a desktop charger which I think has a rapid charger.

Just a few of my thoughts…not monitoring to day…just had lunch… I’m out to do some work before the rain arrives :frowning:

73 Allan GW4VPX

PS…just seen Ed’s post above…I will listen this evening…time?


I was away this weekend and returned to find that the FCS openSPOT had gone offline. I power-cycled it and now SOTA-Link is back. Sorry folks.

Explains why I heard no-one on Sunday/Monday. SOTA-Link was working fine before that. I used it from Hensbarrow Down on Saturday.


OK, I need to find a Brandmeister Repeater in range. the one I thought was Brandmeister is actually DMR+ and I think I’m correct that I can only get to the SOTA Talk Group via the Brandmeister network - right?

73 Ed.


Ed, I know you recently bought one of the less expensive DMR handies… any chance of user review? You know the kind of thing, usability, sensitivity, performance when on an RF rich site with commercial sations etc.?


Yes that’s right.


Sorry to all for the delays today. What with the windows update changing things and a few other issues I haven’t been able to get back to this.

The local repeater that is listed as being in the brandmeister network is active often on Time Slot 1 but it shows as being connected to the DMR+ Germany Talk Group! Now either this is a DMR+ connected repeater or something strange is going on.

If anyone wants to access the SOTA TG this evening, that’s fine as I’ll at least be able to see it via the Hoseline website. https://hose.brandmeister.network/973/ I’m trying to find an alternative Brandmeister network repeater that I can access and can get to the SOTA TG 973 through. If I find one, I then have to reprogram the codeplug for such a link (I think), it’ll take me a while to get there.

Andy - I’m still at the stage of trying to get the unit working here, which is no small feat without someone who knows DMR alongside you - a lot of what I am doing is based on (possibly outdated, incorrect or for the wrong system), information from the Internet plus trial and error.

I have no idea how well the unit might or might not work near to large transmitters or in extreeme conditions of any kind. If you’re looking for that kind of an HT - you probably should be looking at a Motorola rig.

I bought the one I have as a way to get into DMR, to play with and see if I like the mode. By the way, the price dropped just after I bought mine to around EUROs 70.

I have started a page under the equipment tab on my website at DD5LP.COM or VK2JI.COM - it’s by far not complete, very much a work-in-progress, but everyone is welcome to take a look!

Here’s the direct URL: https://vk2ji.com/equipment/baofeng-rd-5r-dmr-ht/

73 Ed.