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Signpost for SOTA experts


This somewhat philosophical signpost (“here and there”) is on the ascent to HB/FR-030 Schwyberg. It’s always fun to see it again.


That’s so funny! The signs say “To over there” and “Over that way”, or thereabouts. And who said the Swiss have no sense of humour?


We have something similar near here.

that-way-this-way-sign (1)


I find this one useful at Watford Gap services. I never knew where The North really started…



Oh my . . . these are cool – more of them, please! Highly enjoying such fun on a hike.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


The Teme Valley Brewery near Worcester produces three cask ales.
They are called:

and T’other.


73 de G3NYY


Me again, sorry! Next fun – and even related to Walt’s beer – is this here:

Eichhof is beer from Central Switzerland with its HQ some meters from my home. This tap can be enjoyed on the via ferrata in the Schöllenen gorge, near Andermatt. We did this parcours years ago in military service and had fun with the tap, the mess tin set just aside, a faucet, a bench and a vintage coat rack. Unfortunately, they ran out of beer that day . . .

And yes, there are sign posts to find the starting point and the end of this via ferrata. :rofl:

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Only in Belgium :wink:



If you are English look right but if you are Welsh look left.


Gan rolio ar y llawr yn chwerthin!


73 de G3NYY


Fork in the road, Riley, New Mexico, not too far from Ladron Peak. As the saying goes, not the end of the world but you can see it from there.


Hannover County


Refenced Summits


Good fun :slight_smile:
My yellow sign-post is from Zurich and means it is the sign-post to the sign-posts :slight_smile:
Vy73 Fritz HB9CSA (DL4FDM)


Sure I’ve seen something very similar (though less grandiose!) on a UK summit… anyone know which one?

(This isn’t a competition - I’ve no idea what the answer is… that’s why I’m asking…)

73 de Paul G4MD


Not exactly a summit, but there is a similar signpost at John o’ Groats, which is at the extreme North of the Scottish mainland.

Can you spot the very youthful G3NYY in the photograph?



This one is from last summer, LA/RL-297 (Full activation report).

The sign says “Through Djupadalen Shortest - steepest”, (Djupadalen means “The deep valley”) and was matched by one pointing another direction saying “Longest - easiest”. I of course chose the shortest part, which was indeed very steep.


Thanks, Kjetil - yours remembers me of this one on the way up to Vilan, HB/GR-107: the yellow mountain path sign says: “Vilan - less steep” and the blue alpine path sign “Vilan - steep”.

But it’s pure info to keep it safe and take the appropriate path and not that way funny like the one from Heinz. Or maybe yes . . . when you take the less steep one and see that it is steeeep all the same! :sweat_smile:


We love our Tennessee mountains.


And if you can’t find the signpost there is still a signpost to the signpost (Hauptwegweiser).