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Shining Tor G/SP-004 activation G4OIG / G4MD


Short video of Gerald & Paul playing in the wind on SP-004. Note Geralds armoury of antennas (antennae?)
It even has a high def option !


In reply to G1INK:

Hi Steve,

Many thanks for the video - it put a huge smile on my face! Being able to see the activation is obviously special for me as it was number 200 and also unique summit number 200. It was great to have the added social dimension post-activation as well. Many thanks for stamping our passports so that Paul and I can do it all again once we have reached MG Status.

73, Gerald


In reply to G1INK:

It even has a high def option !

With all the wind noise on that one I think you mean high deaf mode. ;0)

Thanks for yet another great insight into activating. Chasers take note: Keep them overs short when you hear the howling wind on the mike.

Suggestion for anyone doing summit videos: If your camera will except an external microphone try using one placed under your coat, you will be surprised at how good the sound comes through and how much less the wind noise is. I usually record my activation on an MP3 player under my coat in case I loose my log sheets and it is easier to hear the QSOs on the recordings than it was on the summits. No good if you were a noisy kagool though.

Regards Steve GW7AAV


In reply to G1INK:
Yet another great video Steve .I think my camera would throw the towel in on conditions like that. And great to see Gerald and Paul up there.All the best Geoff G6MZX