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Seasonal Bonus 2012


Am I right in saying the seasonal bonus for activators starts this weekend?

Chris M0RSF


In reply to M0RSF:
Yes - at least in the UK and Ireland, for qualifying height summits.

Probably other places in Europe too, I haven’t looked.



In reply to M0RSF:

Yep… 1st December. I’m taking advantage of that straight away by zooming up Cadair Berwyn on Saturday!


In reply to G7LAS:

Looks like others are targeting this weekend too! Should be an S2S-fest (I like that!) by the looks of it!



G/NP-032 Cracoe Fell is my destination for Sunday if wx is ok. Hopefully have a few S2S contacts. I will post an alert closer to the day when I know what wx will be like.

Chris M0RSF


In reply to M0RSF:
Take your mini-paddle with you Chris we could do 70cms cw :wink:
Will listen 145.500 for you if i’m about and take it from there :slight_smile:

Roger G4OWG


In reply to M0RSF:
Planning to be out in Snowdonia on Sunday, wx permitting. Might get on Moel Famau/Foel Fenlli on Saturday. I’ll alert. Be good to get plenty of S2S contacts.



In reply to G7LAS:
Thanks for the contact today, Rob, as you descended, and sorry to have missed you on the summit!

I had a really great start to the bonus season on Beacon Hill GW/MW-009. Crisp underfoot and clear air, a really nice 2 mile walk to the trig point. The rain passed just to the north of me, displaying a little rainbow as it went.
As I was rounding off the activation, I enjoyed a light dusting of icy snow - crystals about the size of granulated sugar, and just as dry. A gentle reminder of joys to come :o)

Not for the first time, I reflected that I would almost certainly not have made the effort to get out there were it not for SOTA. A strangeness of the human brain, or mine at least, is that even so, I wouldn’t have minded failing to qualify the summit - the walk was reward enough! So thanks again to the team who thought it up and who keep it all going, and to Matt G8XYJ for giving the talk to the Salop club. Nice to work you today too, Matt, sorry to hear about the soaking ;o)



In reply to G4AZS:

Great to work you too Adrian. What a day! Knee deep in the snow at several points on the way up and down Cadair Berwyn and then I worked lots of activators on the descent (you being one of them) simply from the handheld and rubber duck.

I don’t think I’ve ever had such a busy SOTA day! I must get some better socks or something… ten minutes of standing still while activating and I thought I was going to lose my toes to frostbite!

Very tiring that was though, think I might have to give the planned trip to Brown Clee Hill a miss tomorrow and concentrate on beer instead.

Best 73s…



In reply to G4AZS:
Hi Adrian

Nothing quite like the lure of additional points to get people out!!

That was certainly my thinking today, as I said on the radio the Wx was lovely at home and i foolishly thought the beacons would be similar! How wrong i was when I got soaked and thought it best to miss sw-015!

Anyway glad you enjoyed beacon hill, it is as you say a lovely walk and I often wonder why more people don’t activate in mid Wales!

Glad my talk at Shrewsbury was well received! I seemed to get a good response at Telford! So hopefully they will be like yourself and head up the hills!

On a final note it was lovely to have some voice modes on the air, recently it has been cw all the way! So
Great to to play on fm and ssb!

73 all



In reply to G8XYJ:What a pity my efforts of yesterday are degrade to 57% of today!

Dont seem right some how, weather taken into consideration!


I’m ditching this post because, while I’m a reasonable guy who loves SOTA, I clearly can’t read callsigns properly!



In reply to G7LAS:
Check the callsign!
Conditions were the same yesterday, less bonus.
No, I have to work some days - not wrong time!


In reply to M6PEW:

Sorry Paul. I seem to be a habitual offender on this one! I don’t mean to mix you guys up!

Sincere apologies…



In reply to G7LAS:

In reply to M6PEW:

Hi Liz… wrong place, wrong time? ;)))

Conditions were hideous and I’ll tell ya… I really earned my 3
bonus points today! lol!

I’m looking forward to coming up to the Lakes again. We did the
"Windermere Cruise" last time and they pointed out the Fairfield
Horseshoe. I really want to do that. It won’t be until the summer
2013 though - for the time being I’ve frankly had enough of snow!

Best 73s


Hi Rob,

LOL…not me

Sounds like you had fun though. Look forward to your next visit to the Lakes.

Hopefully I will be out and about somewhere tomorrow wx permitting and conditions under foot as there is plenty of snow about here too.

Speak soon




In reply to M6EPW:

Perhaps you can take the intermediate and put an end to my “callsign mix-up hell”!!!



It must be Winter Bonus time !!

My SOTA Log shows no entries for almost 3 weeks until today - 9 entries all on 2m FM / SSB.

Stewart G0LGS


In reply to G0LGS:

It does hit activity in November in the UK. People look out at the WX and think “well if I wait 2 weeks I’ll get 5pts not 2pts” and go back to bed!

There’s no cloud and it’s -5C right now so time to defrost the car and set off North for the 1st bonus of the season.



In reply to MM0FMF:

Similar wx here too Andy. Just the way I like it, white over with frost & blue sky.

Having a brew while writing this, getting my kit together & heading for G/NP-032 Cracoe Fell.

Good luck to the guys out activating today & take care.

Chris M0RSF


In reply to G7LAS:

In reply to M6EPW:

Perhaps you can take the intermediate and put an end to my “callsign
mix-up hell”!!!


Hi Rob.

Just to add to your woes, George here in the Lakes, has passed his advanced and new call sign is M0SSD
Looks like we will both be suffering mix-ups now as Colins is M0XSD!!

Thinking about doing the intermediate. Just need time to get my head around everything needed to pass it. Hi.