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S57PZ Activation Report


Activations of Storžic ( 2132 ASL ), S5/ KA-005:


73, Zvone S57PZ ( ex.S57OPZ )


Activations of Blegoš, S5/CP-003 and…



73, Zvone S57PZ


Activations of Lubnik, S5/CP-012



73, Zvone S57PZ


Activations of Velika Slivnica S5/RG-009:


73, Zvone S57PZ


Activations of Škofje S5/CP-016:


and Gabrška gora S5/CP-017:


73, S57PZ Zvone


Activation of Blegoš S5/CP-003 ( 1562 Asl )


73, Zvone S57PZ


Activation report of Porezen S5/CP-002


73, S57PZ


Activation report of Tolsti vrh 1715 a.s.l., S5/KA-017


73, Zvone S57PZ


My winter Activation report of Vrhovcev gric S5/CP-010


73, Zvone S57PZ


In reply to S57PZ:

It was very nice to work you on S5/CP-010 Zvone. You were a very good signal on 20 metres :slight_smile:

The photos are excellent, the Snow looks stunning!


Mark G0VOF


In reply to S57PZ:
Hello Zvone,
It was my pleasure to work You on 40 m from SOTA S5/CP-10
Verry nice Foto’s . Much snow. Hope we meet us agn on other Sota
73 and Good Luck
André ON4CAP


Great pictures. Tnx reportage.
73 Roger


I’m glad you like my report and pictures.

In the SOTA activation on Sivka S5/TK-022 has been
with my 14 year old son JURE. Now licenced class A, but
waiting personal call. On activation work with club call S53DGM.

Here is his video:

73, Zvone and Jure


Congratulations Jure on achieving the class A licence.

Jimmy M3EYP


In reply to S57PZ:
Nice video and Congratulations Jure on achieving the class A licence.

André 73 ON4CAP


Now video of activation S5/CP-010

73, Zvone


Video of SOTA activation Malenski vrh S5/CP-009
with Jure now S53JP

HNY 2011, 73 de S57PZ


Activation report and video of activation
Pasja ravan, S5/CP-011


73, Zvone


Video report of SOTA activation LUBNIK S5/CP-012
by Jure S53JP/p and Zvone S57PZ/p

73, Zvone S57PZ


Digital camera for recording SOTA activation:


73, Zvone