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Ros Hill G/SB-009


Many thanks for the contacts today - had some fun up there even though it was a bit chilly. Even though I have only been activiating summits since late September (and one of them didn’t count!) I have found this enormous fun, so thanks to the Association for this great idea which is getting my hillwalking going again.

Thanks to G1TPO and GW0DSP for the spots today. I was uncertain about alerting when I first started, but realise now that the chasers won’t really mind that much if I have to call off - safety is always the priority - so will carry on alerting.

Sorry, Mike, that this was not one of the G/SB summits you had hoped for. I must admit I was a bit surprised when you said you needed it, since access is a doddle (about 300m from the road, and only 65m uphill!).

Many thanks Don for the shout from North Devon - it was great to hear you, that’s 539km I think and my furthest 2m SSB contact to date. Great for me on 5W with the homebrew 5-ele (DK7ZB design) which does seem to do well - mind you there was Don’s antenna at the other end!

The sky was a fantastic blue with views over to Lindisfarne and the Farne Islands, and inland to the Cheviot. A bit of snow underfoot but not much - the paths were hard underneath (frozen!) and just a bit muddy on top where the snow had melted.

Looking forward to more wintry activations - there are plenty of straightforward walks within easy range of Edinburgh. Will also eventually get back to the mountain tops.



In reply to GM8OTI:

Sorry to have missed you today John. Ros Hill is one of my favourite summits - worth climbing with or without a radio. Don’t think I have ever driven past it without stopping to get some exercise. It is on my list of return visits once I get over this uniques “itch”.

73, Gerald

P.S. You forgot to mention that the first 100m from the road is fairly flat, if not slightly downhill initially, then it climbs 65m in 200m. Short, but sweet.


In reply to GM8OTI:

Hi John

Aren’t I a tater? I waited all day to secure one of my remaining two summits to complete chasing G, GW and GD. It wasn’t until I logged our qso that I realised it was SB-006/-010 I needed, doh!!

Unique or not, it’s always a pleasure to have a chat with you and if you are stuck for what to get me for Christmas, one of the above summits will do nicely, Hi.



Thanks for the Ros Hill activation John,and a pleasure to work you on 2mtrs, always a buzz to be able to work you guys operating qrp over those distances.
My location in Devon is 173mtrs asl and the aerial a 23 years old 10 element Jaybeam 40ft agl and the radio a Kenwood TS2000 100w also a mast head pre-amp.Will be looking for you next time on 2,safe activations.73 Don G0RQL.


In reply to GM8OTI:
Hi John, Great to chat on SSB, on Sunday, and thanks for the point…you were 5/6 on FM before you went QRT - but you sounded a bit cold so I didn’t call in!

I hadn’t realised you were only running 5w…when I spun the beam dead on you were 5/9 + 20 !!! great signal!!

I listened for a while, sadly couldn’t hear the Cornish station, but could just make out “DSP”…I’m not in a great VHF location…



In reply to GM8OTI:
Unfortunately, I was otherwise occupied (Raynet exercise and refitting aerials in Gloucester).
I shall keep an eye open for your future activations - lots of those summits wanted on vhf (and hf come to think of it!).
73 Graham G4FUJ


In reply to G4FUJ:
Hi Graham, i will be activating Ros Hill next week ,not sure which day,
poss Tue Wed or Thur,5Mhz,7MhzCW,2MtrsFM/SSb dep WX+time,hpe to wk u.

73 de Geoff G4CPA


In reply to G4CPA:

You don’t want to do that Geoff, hi, do SB-006 and SB-010 instead. Pretty please.



In reply to GW0DSP:
Hi Mike ,if only ,im with her indoors so will be under the thumb so to speak,
twill be lucky if i can do this one, HI and itl be my birthday on the 4th Dec,

73 de Geoff


In reply to G4CPA:

You need to let her know who’s boss, tell her she can carry your rucksack up 006 and 010, just like I wouldn’t dare with mine, cor blimey, perish the thought, I would end up in casualty!!

Have a good day out Geoff, I’ll be listening for you and happy birthday for the 4th December, 39 eh, hi.


P.S. Loved the last joke you sent, funny but also very true.


In reply to GW0DSP:

I reckon Geoff could just about get away with SB-010 as a loner activation, but SB-006 would most likely end in divorce proceedings on the grounds of neglect… unless of course he does manage to get his rucksack carried. Plus point: SB-006 has a comfy stone shelter - could be just be enough to swing it!

Don’t worry Mike, if Geoff and others can’t oblige and you are still in need of either of these two by next April / May, I’ll do a special visit for you… but you won’t get an asterisk!

73, Gerald


Fret thee not, fret thee not.

Jimmy and I are “closing in” on all the G uniques. And we’ve only done SB-001 out of the Scottish Borders region, so 4 to 10 will all be done in the fullness of time.

Can’t say when, but we will definitely be going sometime!

Thinking of doing 2m FM handheld & rubber duck when I do…



In reply to M1EYP:

Oi!! You rascal, no Christmas card for you then!!



In reply to M1EYP:

Thinking of doing 2m FM handheld & rubber duck when I do…

Taking your own chasers are you then Tom???

73, Gerald